BRITISH DJ and producer David Zowie is set to get people talking with the video to new single ‘The Real Don’.

The track is the follow up to his hit record ‘House Every Weekend’ and in the video, Zowie takes the political route allowing for his sense of humour and take on today’s current affairs to shine through.

We caught up with Zowie this week to find out what he’s been up to since ‘House Every Weekend’ stormed the UK single chart and hit the No1 spot back in 2015. Since it’s release back then it has amassed 45 million Spotify streams with the video nearing 100 million plays. Zowie is hoping for similar success here off the back of remixes for Rita Ora, DJ Fresh and Adam F.

Here’s what he had to say and be sure to check out the new video for ‘The Real Don’ below.

After your huge success with ‘House Every Weekend’ you are back with new single ‘The Real Don’. Can you tell us about the new single, I understand it uses a sample from Notorious BIG? 

It’s taken from ‘Goin Back To Cali’ and being a huge Biggie fan it’s an honour to sample one of his songs. It has that nostalgic sound but brought into 2017.

Why did you choose to poke fun at global political figures in the new video for the single and in particular Donald Trump?

Well on a basic level, the track is called The Real Don and obviously as Donald Trump is one of the most culturally relevant figures in the world right now. It seemed like an obvious choice to centre the video around him.

On a deeper note, the world is in complete disarray at the moment, and although politics is no laughing matter, sometimes you have to take a step back and make light of a dire situation, otherwise it will end up deeply depressing you!

Did the success in 2015 with House Every Weekend change your approach with making this new record? 

It didn’t make me change how I approach making a song but made me change my thinking about what makes a successful record.

Were you surprised by the success of House Every Weekend when it first blew up? Especially in terms of the anthem it became?

Of course and hearing it on the radio and in random places was surreal.

What have you been up to since we heard from you last apart from making the new track and the remixes for Rita Ora, Adam F and DJ Fresh?

Visiting various places I wanted to go to like a mini bucket list. Building a base to work out of and working on new music and some film ideas.

Can you give us a bit of background of your involvement in dance music before your success? When did you start producing music, DJing and what clubs have had an influence on you?

I started making music and DJing in secondary school and continued from there. My group was called BRG and we made music and wrote songs with artists in and around the music scene. Special mentions for clubs having an influence on me have to be Excalibur, a local club where we would work and meet artists and DJ’s on the scene weekly. The Temple for seeing Funkmaster Flex and Atomics in Maidstone for house and Drum and Bass nights.

Are you a fan of David Bowie?

Yes, his music is timeless and a huge inspiration

David Zowie – The Real Don is out now. Grab a copy here.