TO say 2018 has been successful for Jamie Duggan would be an understatement.

Playing at fabric, Bass Jam, Stealth and Motion is now something of the norm for the man synonymous with the bassline scene. His Pure Bassline Compilation with DJ Q reached #2 in the Dance Album charts and on top of this he has shows lined up at Forbidden Forest, Starworks and S2S Festival in the
summer. As well as DJing, Jamie runs Sheffield nightlife hotspot Tank, and more recently he’s just
hosted his latest festival Spring Fest, which shifted nearly 7,000 tickets.

We caught up with the DJ and entrepreneur to discuss his year so far.

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Hi Jamie, how’s it going? It’s been a manic 2018 for you so far, a diary overflowing with gigs, the release of Pure Bassline 2 and Spring Fest – what have been your highlights?

Yes, it’s been a crazy one so far! Definitely have to say Pure Bassline 2 just missing the number 1 spot and another sell out SpringFest have made it so far.

You’ve just hosted another Spring Fest, the event has been successful for a few years now, who have been your favourite performers? Do you have any particular highlights you can share with us?

That’s a tough one! We have lots of huge acts from all different genres across all of our arenas and to be honest throughout the night I don’t get to see them all unfortunately. I know who smashes it each event because it’s my job to know! Ha, but that’s not to say I actually see them all in action myself.

For me, just seeing everyone with their hands in the air in that main arena at some point during the night is always the highlight!

You played your own set at Spring Fest, is it a stressful day for you trying to run such an event and then play for an hour, or does everything seem to fall into place?

Ha, erm… It does make it harder because while I’m playing my set my phone will literally just ring and buzz none stop with everyone in the world trying to get hold of me for something (Probably even some wrong numbers in there just for laugh!) Obviously, I need to deal with those things at the same time as playing, let’s just say it can be challenging!


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On top of Spring Fest you also run Tank, Sheffield’s current nightlife hotspot. What upcoming events do you have there? What should people get themselves down to?

There’s always something big on at Tank every Friday and Saturday so just get yourself down whenever you can, you won’t leave disappointed!

Pure Bassline received plenty of success earlier this year, was it 20,000 copies sold? As one of the frontrunners of bassline, fans are always hoping you have new music in the pipeline. Is there anything you can tell us about?

Yes, myself and DJ Q will be releasing Countdown very soon and there will be a couple of new original bits of mine and Booda’s released on a very well known label within the scene very soon also. Plus, the odd couple of bits that will be going out on my Soundcloud and Deeprot etc.

Finally, can you describe Spring Fest in 3 words and which 3 artists did you think smashed it on the day?

Absolutely f**kin amazing! I’m going to go with 4 acts as these were literally the only 4 acts I got chance to see on the night and they all smashed it to be fair. That was Jauz, SASASAS, Goof & Patrick Topping!

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