Skillz: “What an inspiration” We caught up with the 2020 DMC World Champion ahead of the finals on 26th November and asked the French turntable wizard to talk us through a playlist of essential music featuring tracks from Daft Punk, Gangstarr, The Pharcyde, Queen plus tracks that brought the house down in his show stopping sets that earned him the back to back titles in 2018 and 2019.

THE first interactive and covid friendly DMC world DJ championships sponsored by Technics and...

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Sister Bliss: It’s an ode to everything we love in electronic music and a little nod to the dystopian times we find ourselves in” We caught up with the musical force behind Faithless, Sister Bliss and she talked us through some tracks from the new album and a selection of other current favourites you could expect to hear in her epic DJ sets.

ALONGSIDE frontman Maxi Jazz and producer Rollo Armstrong, Sister Bliss formed Faithless 25 years...

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