CHRISTOPHER COE is one of the protagonists behind the current live electronic music movement alongside DJ and music icon Carl Cox.

As founders of Awesome Soundwave, their label showcases some of the world’s best live electronic artists, including Saytek, Mat Playford and Marc Romboy among a myriad of other amazing producers and live electronic music performers.


Christopher and Carl have finally released their much-anticipated Mindset EP on the label, featuring a four-track collection of uncompromising techno recorded live from machines at their studio in Australia.

Christoper Coe and Carl Cox doing their thing!

We caught up with Christopher this week and to mark the release of his and Carl’s Mindset EP we asked him to talk us through a selection of music produced by some of his favourite live performers including some of the music from his and Carl Cox’s Mindset EP on Awesome Soundwave.

Cox and Coe – Cluster

Well this is a live jam track that Carl and I made together and I love it’s raw energy.. its one of 4 tunes we made this way and is on our latest EP “Mindset” which is out right now !


Maurizio – m5

This material never gets old for me! I always return to the deep dub techno style created and pioneered by Mark Ernestus and Moritz von Oswald. I met Mark Ernestus twice in my life and both times it was momentous for me! I am such a HUGE fan!!


Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

What can I say, Jon Hopkins is on a different plane.


Ehsan Gelsi – Sequencing Sequentials

Ehsan is a genius, a true innovator, a polymath and woefully unknown!


Colin Benders – This is Fine

Another true musical genius who has made live performance with the modular system a true art form as well a visceral techno experience!


Christopher Coe – Headland

This video, made by Roy Gerritsen, is truly such a beautiful work of art! It needs to be seen! I am very proud to work with Roy over the years! What a legend!


Hybrasil – Intermodulate

Pure live techno! Pure Irish soul! Hybrasil’s work is flawless and crafted.


Saytek – Isolation

Saytek inspires us all with his live jams that are amazingly developed tracks! With a nod to the old school and his gaze firmly fixed on the dancefloor, Saytek never disappoints as a live artist


Surgeon – Action

This is really the first techno record that converted me to the dark side! To real techno, machine music for the dance floor! Surgeon is my all time techno hero and live artist!


Carl Cox – Our Time Will Come (Chase and Status remix)

Carl, my friend and mentor, label partner and benefactor, we have created quite a history together in recent years, with the label ASW, live shows and now Carl going out to the world as a fully fledged live electronic artist with his album Electronic Generations having been made entirely live! And I just love Chase and Status too.. win win!


Cox and Coe – Mindset EP – Out now on all platforms and on vinyl!