THIS is the first Lunacy Sound Division record I released over 15 years ago, Multiple Bassgasm. So mature!

It’s not available anywhere on the internet today apart from right here as it got lost in the archives as back then we were  just on the cusp of the digital music revolution.

It was initially released on SP Recordings which was very exciting for me but it got lost after the label rebranded and the owner relocated to Brazil. I also lost my copy. So a big thanks to Carlos Francisco for digging this out from his old SP Recordings archive and sending to me to post here as an exclusive download. This is the only place it is available on the whole interweb!

My style of house and techno has evolved since then obviously but you can hear from this that I have always been on a certain vibe with Lunacy Sound Division. The whipping noise was a sample taken from a favourite track at the time by Kamaflarge called Discotamination, the Dave Angel Remix which came out on Tortured Records and didn’t leave my vinyl crate for many years and was a massive influence.

I hope you enjoy and big thanks if you support my work by purchasing and downloading.

Mark Gwinnett x

Lunacy Sound Division / Cubism / The Night Bazaar