DACHSHUND makes the kind of spellbinding house and techno that immediately catches your ear and his new three track EP, Division is a great example of this.


The Swiss DJ/producer began his music love affair twenty years ago experimenting with the sounds of dub, jungle and drum & bass before being drawn in by house and techno.


With a style that focuses on the human presence behind the machines, you can sense the creative freedom in his music .


His debut on Steve Bug’s Poker Flat is out now and to mark the occasion we asked him to talk us through a playlist of music you can expect to hear in his DJ sets including music from Steve Bug, Skudge, Timi Dabo, Mathew Jonson and more. Read on to see what he had to say and listen to the music. Plus he has also give us a fabulous mix for our 110th edition of The Night Bazaar Sessions which you can listen to below.



Steve Bug – Montafon – Poker Flat

Steve Bug’s new release is pure pleasure. I like the stab chords and the synth, the way it maintain the pressure all along the track. It is sublimed by the hypnotic arpeggiator. Definitely a weapon on the floor!




Tibi Dabo – Komorebi – Crosstown Rebels

The positive vibes on Komorebi are absolutely magic. It’s the kind of track that puts a smile on your face and make you feel good instantly. Tibi Dabo’s music always surprises me with the quality of his productions and his unique touch.


Vhyce – Insieme – Pets Recordings

I choose this one in particular for the drifted melody that starts at 1:18. The way it brings a nostalgic feeling by the slight detuning of the sound – this is captivating! Perfect to finish a DJ set.


Juan Sanchez, Sagitario – Time Out – COD3QR

This tune is the perfect combination of efficiency, force and smoothness. Released on the mysterious label COD3QR, as they describe themselves, “Music to arouse curiosity”, it seems to works on me! And then we discover that Laurent Garnier and Scan X are behind the label.


Skudge – Grain

Always need to have a Skudge track in the bag. It’s straight forward, raw and subtle at the same time. Especially in this one, my brain is captivated by the stab sound which seems static and repetitive at the first listen, but is actually full of small changes and details.


Jimi Jules – Grumpy Monkey – Innervisions

This is another outstanding track from Jimi Jules, It’s all about this hitting bass surrounded by some atmospheric dub chords. It’s a perfect balance between deepness and a dance floor-focused track.


Traumer – Assembling Pieces – Berg Audio

Cant get enough of this groovy dub techno tune.


Mathew Jonson – Decompression – Minus

Always been a fan of the talented Mathew Jonson. I couldn’t do a playlist without mentioning this classic gem. The first time I heard it in a club, it traumatized me in a good way! This track is totally hybrid, with a drum’n’bass influence.


Glimpse – Drifting – Planet E

Another tune that blew me away the first time i heard it. I’m absorbed by the long lasting organ melodies and the vocoded voices. You really don’t want to miss a single minute of it. Mesmerizing!


TJ Kong & Modular K – The Last World Of Mr Goddard – Poker Flat

A masterpiece! This is one of my all time favorite track released on Poker Flat. The melodies embark you directly on to a trip. I played it many times in the early morning at the end of my set. It still brings me goosebumps.