RHYTHM MASTERS returned in 2015 after a 10 year hiatus with the huge single ’20 Year Cycle’ which perfectly defined their intent to a scene craving the kind of quality Rhythm Masters represent.

Since then the production duo of Steve Mac and Rob Bruce have got their heads down concentrating on producing a slew of singles for tastemaker labels such as Edible, Defected, Viva and Do Not Sleep.

They will be performing live this Saturday for the Sensei Sessions Street Party at Social Chill Bar in Maidstone, Kent for a rare UK appearance outside of the festival circuit.

We caught up with Steve Mac to find out more and we are very proud to present the latest edition of The Night Bazaar Sessions mixed by Rhythm Masters and featuring only music made in their Brighton bunker.

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The last time we spoke was 2 years ago when you had just brought back Rhythm Masters after a 10 year hiatus with the amazing track ’20 Year Cycle’ which turned out to be another classic track from you guys which we will all still be playing for many years to come. How has it been working together again since you returned?

Yeah its be really good and interesting . We have both learnt so much off each other again . The last 10 years rob and I have both been on different paths . Bringing them back together has worked wonders . Plus we are having a lot of fun

You have a prolific output with lots of material lined up for release on a wide variety of labels and already a great contemporary Rhythm Masters catalogue on a wide range of tastemaker labels like Eats Everything’s Edible and the new label de jour, Abode!

We also touched on the possibility of an album last time we chatted. Are you any closer to a long player? 

Yes we have lots of new music coming . So many singles . We are working on stuff for Edible , Defected and signed tracks off to Abode, Viva, Do not sleep and a few others.

As far as an LP goes we have no plans really for now. I do have an acid album I have done as a solo project which is finished but I have not mixed it down yet. I have blocked off some time in September to put the finishing touches on it. Features the likes of Robert Owens , Marshal Jefferson Sleezy d etc… Very true to the original sound. It’s something I just wanted to do.

Steve Mac

In this digital era it seems a lot of artists are shunning producing an album in favour of releasing singles due to the way people are consuming music these days. Do you agree?

Exactly why we decided against an Rhythm Masters album for now. But never say never. For now we are totally concentrating on singles.

You are headlining Sensei Sessions in Maidstone on 29th July with a special live show alongside the likes of Saytek (Live) and Barber. It’s a rare appearance in the UK. What can people expect from you?

Absolute carnage!!! Seriously though, we have got so many new tracks to drop, it’s gonna be real fun. Plus I have so many friends in Maidstone and will be so great to catch up with them all.

You have recorded a special edition of The Night Sessions for us. Can you give us a heads up on some stand out moments/records before we indulge our ears?

The mix contains only music that has been made in my bunker recording studio. All of these tracks are exclusive. Some are not finished, some are signed, there’s a couple of remixes, some are unsigned. We will be dropping most of these at the weekend. Cant wait!

For more information and for tickets to Sensei Sessions at Social Chill, Maidstone head here.