THIS time last year I’d just finished messing about late at night, reworking a tune from Amir Telem’s Art Of Compassion long player, an album that stopped me in my tracks on my first listen and which I had only received that week.

One of the tracks on Amir’s album that really captured my attention, and it was difficult for there to be a stand out track from his amazing body of work, was Do You Believe In Magics.

Amir’s original version is impeccable, but there were certain elements in the track that beckoned to me, that I thought I could blend better to suit my style of DJing, injecting a little more drama for my tougher sets by adding my own touches here and there. It was a purely selfish exercise at first, although my first instinct with all the great underground electronic new music I am privileged to receive is to promote and share it with as many people as I can through my channels and by any means necessary to try and give it a better chance of getting the recognition the music deserves. So I think maybe this process also includes being creative as a DJ and producer and I have tried to do that un-intentionally at first, with this remix and inviting Amir to talk us through a playlist of inspirational music for our column in The Sun and online Sun Music to mark the release of the remix album. So maybe not completely self indulgent on my part and I am proud to share the result of my journey this year below, thanks to the inspiration from Amir.

My efforts cutting, pasting, looping, slipping extra percussion, FX, filtering, compression and adding general tomfoolery into Amir’s already amazing track paid off as my Lunacy Sound Division remix of Do You Believe In Magics was approved by Amir and Stephan at 3000Grad Records for the Art Of Compassion remix album. The album was released on 22nd December and my effort sits alongside incredible music from Darin Epsilon, Salahaddin & Hassan, Mierri, Bodaishin, Greg Ochman and Sea Campos.

It’s fitting then, that Amir Telem is the focus for The Night Bazaar column this week in The Sun’s Something For The Weekend (Friday 29th December) in print and online, with a fabulous playlist of inspirational and diverse music to bring 2023 to a close. Head HERE to listen and read what Amir had to say about his selection at The Sun Music.

The Night Bazaar in The Sun’s Something For The Weekend – Friday 29th December

It is also fitting that I have recorded a new year special mix for The Night Bazaar Music Show as we head into 2024, a year full of promise for this website, with our new column in The Sun every Friday and a myriad of exciting projects stretching into next year. Look out for regular live streams, films, video and exclusive audio content on The Night Bazaar Sessions and The Night Bazaar Music Show hitting throughout 2024, linked to all of the content we produce across our platforms.

In this mix I’ve included my Lunacy Sound Division remix of Amir Telem’s Do You Believe In Magics alongside my LSD remix of Sam Ball’s Old Acid and Terry Francis’ remix of my LSD track Proper Gander, both of which feature on the FI5X3EN and 5X3 Cubism releases this year, celebrating 15 years of mine and Saytek’s Cubism label. They join DJ Sensible’s remix of Saytek’s Lessons In Dub in the mix, also taken from the Cubism FI5X3EN album and more incredible new music, some of it not out till next year, from Stefan Superanti, Mia Mendi, Rafael Cerato, Paul(AR), NuFacts, Jamie Stevens, Ron Feller, Michelle Gurevich, Sainte Vie, Raysooo, The Mekanism, Vidaloca, HOVR, Green Lake, Saytek, Sam Ball and DJ Sensible. Listen to the mix below and I’ve included the tracklist too and on Mixcloud for you trainspotters.

I wish you all a very happy new year, may it be a year of positive change, happiness and hope for us all as we continue hurtling toward the digital future and AI becoming self aware. Also big up to my boy Jack who told me I should send my remix to Amir and Stephan in the first place!

Mark Gwinnett

The Night Bazaar / Cubism / Lunacy Sound Division  / The Sun

Mark Gwinnett – The Night Bazaar New Year Music Show – 2024


Stefan Superanti – The Golden Ratio

Mia Mendi, Rafael Cerato – Snake Eyes

Paul (AR), NuFacts – Something Different (Jamie Stevens Remix)

Ron Feller – Vulca

Michelle Gurevich – Party Girl (Sainte Vie Remix)

Raysoo – Muska

Lunacy Sound Division – Proper Gander (Terry Francis Remix)

The Mekanism – Yame

Vidaloca – Buena

HOVR – Do You Want Some Acid? (Green Lake Remix)

Sam Ball – Old Acid (Lunacy Sound Division Remix)

Saytek – Lessons In Dub (DJ Sensible’s Unsensible Remix)

Amir Telem – Do You Believe In Magics (Lunacy Sound Division Remix)