MAKING their debut on Sacha Robotti’s Slothacid imprint, The Saunderson Brothers have turned the lockdown into a serious creative opportunity with their Signature Move EP – a two-track heavyweight release that unites the Saunderson family on a single project.

With vocals from their mum, Ann Saunderson, on the title track, and a much-hyped remix from their Father and Detroit legend, Kevin Saunderson, this raises the bar for family collaborations and puts Robotti’s Slothacid label firmly on the map.

We took the time to chat with Dantiez and Damarii about the release, the lockdown, and how the creative process works when you’re collaborating with family.

Ok first things first – for those who haven’t heard it, how would you describe your new EP ‘Signature Move’?

Dark, moody, melodic, hypnotic, techno!

The title track features stunning vocals from your mother,  Ann Saunderson – whose idea was it to collaborate on this track?

It was a group effort really – we usually send most of our music to our Mom to see if she’s vibing for vocals and if we all like the final product we run with it.

And to top it off, there’s a Kevin Saunderson remix on the way too – will there be an element of competition between you when it comes to things like chart positions, stream numbers and promo feedback on each version?

It’s not really a competition for us – we hope they all stream with high numbers ideally!

How does collaborating with family compare to other artists you’ve worked with?

Collaborating with family is cool because we already know each other so well, and are able to work to each others’ musical strengths and weaknesses. We all live fairly close by at the moment so that makes the entire collaboration process seamless.

The EP is definitely one that’s going to sound huge in the clubs once they re-open – how has the pandemic affected the decisions behind what music to make and release?

Our sound hasn’t particularly been affected by the pandemic but it definitely allowed us to get more stuck into the music, and we’ve had more studio time to finish quality tracks.

Despite the struggles that the industry is facing right now all over the world, it’s definitely strengthened the sense of togetherness and community that has always been such a key part of electronic music. What do you think artists, labels and brands can be doing to support each other and the scene right now?

We just need to be there for one another; as artists, that means sharing, buying and supporting each other’s music/streams/releases – and also just in general, as human beings as well, especially in these trying times.

It’s never been more competitive for new artists looking to get a foot in the door – what advice would you give labels, producers or DJs trying to get noticed and carve a path for themselves?

Our advice to producers would be to take your time and craft your sound. Focus on quality over quantity and know your labels and which ones will work for you!

Are there any specific producers or labels who you’re really excited about right now?

Really vibing Nihil Young, Nic Joseph and KC Lights on the producer tip at the moment.

The Saunderson family

Reflecting on your own careers – with such a strong history of music in the family, have you always felt obligated from a young age to follow in your parents’ footsteps or was it just a natural progression?

Definitely a natural progression. We always had some interest but didn’t really get stuck in until after we finished highschool.

And finally, is there anything else you’ve got in the pipeline that we should keep an eye out for?

We’ve got a couple big live streams coming up and some new music as well – stay tuned for that!