SINFUL BIZ is a relatively new project from DJ/producer Gareth Williams, acting as a conduit for the seven deadly sins!

These cardinal vices, he says, are channelled into the soul of his music production. Gareth deftly straddles genres with the music he produces, his trance roots complimenting his forays into groove based techno as perfectly demonstrated with the two tracks Rainbows and Cerberus on his new Under The Influence EP which is out now on Cubism.

Captivating hooks, powerful vocals and gripping basslines are the order of the day. With support already coming in on the EP from the likes of John Digweed, Chris Lake, Nick Muir, Horse Meat Disco, Marco Faraone, Gai Barone, Joris Voorn, Joseph Capriati, Seb Fontaine, Michael Hooker, Onionz, Freedo Mosho, Alex Neri, Joyce Muniz, Satoshi Fumi, Eric Powell, Paco Osuna, Carl Craig, DJ T, Betoko, Township Rebellion, Roger Sanchez, Nicolas Masseyeff, Joy Kitikonti and more, we expect to hear a lot more from this talented producer in 2023.

We caught up with him for a quick chat and he has also recorded an exclusive mix for the latest edition of our long running Night Bazaar Sessions which you can listen to alongside his new Under The Influence EP on Cubism below.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself for readers not familiar with Sinful Biz?

I’ve been involved in music for 20+ years, but Sinful Biz is a passion project which was born out of Lockdown. It fuses all of my favourite elements from my favourite genres. It’s very much my own soundtrack to the change that I wanted to see in dance music.

You have a very trance based background but your new EP on Cubism straddles the middle ground between those more melodic trance elements and a more techno vibe. Is this the kind of direction you will be pushing your sound in moving forward? From the feedback you received on the Under The Influence EP it has been well received by a variety of DJs across the spectrum.

Absolutely. I try not to restrict myself too much by trying to exclusively fit into one genre. However, I’d say my identity is most definitely in between the two sounds on the Under The Influence EP predominantly.

Why did you chose Cubism to release the Under The Influence EP with?

Well I wanted to bring my trance infused sound into a different market and get it heard by a new audience. You guys had a lot of passion for the lead track, Rainbows and this is always great. It was a no brainer to sign to Cubism.

You have done a mix for our sessions on The Night Bazaar. Can you tell us what we can expect in the mix?

You can predominantly expect a showcase of my own music. Big kicks and tribal drums behind vibey melodies is very much what I’m about.

Listen to the Sinful Biz mix for The Night Bazaar Sessions below and you can also check out the track list below too.


  1. Sinful Biz – Rainbows
  2. Sinful Biz – Cerberus
  3. The Future Sound of London – Papua New Guinea (Bart Skils Remix)
  4. ID
  5. ID
  6. Sinful Biz – Carnivàle
  7. ID
  8. Motivation – Para Mi (Sinful Biz reboot)
  9. Heerhost, Peter Pahn, Skin Bourgh – Time 2 Rave
  10. Xpansions – Move Your Body (Sinful Biz Inception Mix)
  11. Bart Skils – Sunshine in the dust
  12. Faithless – Music Matters (Sinful Biz Maxi Tribute mix)