WE continue on Cubism with the debut EP release on the imprint from our good friend AndThen.

AndThen is the result of several successful artist projects from Lenny Barton. Having ventured through the realms of Hardcore, Jungle, Techno, Electro and more; AndThen finds his resting place amongst the global sound of modern house and techno.

After his amazing remix of Saytek’s Teaching Dub last year made a big impact, it was only a matter of time before AndThen appeared on the label with a full release and it’s been worth the wait as he drops three tracks Watch What, Come With Me and Together Again.

The EP perfectly demonstrates why AndThen caught our ears over the last couple of years delivering three percussive led tracks, each with a firm grip on the groove which encapsulates his signature sound.

Expect to hear a lot more from AndThen in 2022 not just on Cubism but on many other leading labels.

Listen to it here first and download from here exclusively ahead of the release on 28th April.