ENERGY 52’s Café Del Mar is one of the most iconic tracks in dance music. Released in 1993, this instrumental trance anthem was named after the famous beach bar on the Balearic island, becoming synonymous with the euphoric, sun-soaked vibe of Ibiza’s dance culture.

Over the years, Café Del Mar has achieved legendary status, regularly featuring in lists of the greatest dance tracks of all time it has had the remix treatment numerous times over the years as artist pay homage to the legacy of this iconic track. But now it’s been remixed by one of the most revered acts in electronic music, Orbital.



We caught up with Orbital brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll this week to mark the release of their remix and they also talked us through ten other legendary tracks from the golden age of dance music including tracks from Joey Beltram, Eat Static, Age Of Love, Slam and a few of their own iconic contributions.

Joey Beltram – Mentasm

The origin of the hoover sound! I first heard this at a traveler’s festival played by Mark (Spiral Tribe) as the sun was coming up. The sound of the future.


Orbital – Remind

This started out as a remix for Meat Beat Manifesto – a big tune on the Goa scene in the early 90’s apparently. Back when DJ’s had to ply their craft on cassette tape because it was too hot for vinyl!


Eat Static – Inaana

As far as I’m concerned Eat Static are the originators of trance, we first heard them in 1990 when two west country DJ’s gave me a tape of them, it blew me away.


Slam – Positive Education

The Scottish force, a phenomenon, love them.


Datura – Devotion (Karma Marga)

I managed to get my hand up for the last copy of this in a dance record shop in soho, once the beat kicked in everyones hand shot in the air. But mine was first. Snooze you loose!


Age Of Love – Age Of Love

Classic – what more can you say.


React 2 rhythm – I Know You Like It (Fabio Paras Remix)

A staple of the drum club that used to be on Thursday night under charring cross train station. A favourite of main DJ Charlie Hall, he always had the best records. This remains in my record box throughout the 90’s. It even influenced the chords in Remind.


Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

I fell in love with this and danced my arse off. They sampled Chime and shoved it right in the middle. Boom. In heaven.


Orbital – Satan

If you play the vinyl backwards there’s a hidden message, “Jesus loves you”.


Underworld – Born Slippy

As you do!