ITALIAN duo, Artslaves have started this year firing on all cylinders.

The Moan Recordings  heads, Alessandro Rondinone and Domenico Gei, have a plethora of new music forthcoming on the label  from the likes of Leon, Cuartero, Detlef,  Darius Syrossian and many more.


Artslaves’ own latest release, the Desire EP is out now on Neverdogs’ Bamboleo Records and features legendary Spanish talent Hector Couto, who drops a cool remix of the title cut.

We caught up with Artslaves this week to find out more about their plans for 2024 and what they have in store for us in their exclusive mix for The Night Bazaar Sessions on Mixcloud. Read what they had to say following.

Hi guys, I hope 2024 is off to a great start? What are your hopes for the summer and the year ahead?

“Hi there! Thank you for the warm wishes. 2024 has indeed kicked off on a positive note for us, and we’re excited about the possibilities this year holds.”

Can you give our readers a little bit of background as to how you got started as a duo back in 2012 and the benefits you find from working as artists in a partnership?

“We are driven by a shared passion for music and a desire to create something unique together. The benefits of working as a partnership are numerous – there’s a constant exchange of ideas, different perspectives that enrich the creative process, and emotional support that keeps us going through the challenges.”

Your new Desire EP is out now on Neverdogs’ Bamboleo Records with an amazing remix from the excellent Hector Cuoto. Great release. This is your first release I understand with Bamboleo, what drew you to the label?

“The Desire EP on Bamboleo Records has been a thrilling experience for us. Neverdogs’ Bamboleo Records is a label we’ve admired for its dedication to quality music, and the opportunity to release our work there was too good to pass up. Hector Cuoto’s remix added an extra layer of excitement to the project.”

Can you tell us a bit about your superb Moan label and the artists you release music with? How important is it to have a label as artists in todays super competitive world of underground electronic music?

“Our Moan label holds a special place for us. In today’s competitive world of underground electronic music, having our label allows us to have creative control and support emerging talents. It’s a platform where we can curate a unique sound and collaborate with artists who share our vision.”


Can you talk us through some of the stand out releases on Moan and what you have coming up and dropping right now?

“Moan has seen some standout releases, showcasing diverse electronic sounds. We’re proud of the artists we’ve worked with and the musical journey Moan represents. As for upcoming releases, we’ve got some exciting projects in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with our audience.
I can spoiler some upcoming artists: Leon, Cuartero, Detlef, Joe Vanditti, Kirik, Darius Syrossian and more to be announced.”

Artslaves were the focus of our weekly column in The Sun newspaper’s award winning Something For The Weekend on Friday 23rd February

You have recorded a mix for The Night Bazaar Sessions. What can our audience expect to hear in the session?

“Our mix for The Night Bazaar Sessions is a sonic journey through our current influences and favorite tracks. Expect a blend of our own productions, exclusive tracks, and tunes from artists we admire. It’s a snapshot of our musical world at this moment.

We’re grateful for the support and the opportunity to share our thoughts with your readers. Here’s to a fantastic 2024 for everyone in the electronic music community!”