FEDELE presents an uncompromising vision of modernist mechanical music.

Drawing inspiration from the captivating sound modulation of electro, the drive of techno, and the complex emotional expression rooted in his training as a cellist, his sound is dynamic, accomplished, and completely occupies its own space within the scene.

Fedele was the focus of The Night Bazaar column in Something For The Weekend in The Sun on Friday February 9


Having released music on Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant label and Maceo Plex’s Ellum Audio, the Italian is currently setting out his stall in 2024 with his label Obscura Music just dropping Xx Isis xX track Burn Like Fire on the label with Fedele himself on remix duties.

We caught up with Fedele this week and he talked us through his top ten tracks on his Obscura Music label including the new remix. Listen and read what he had to say below.



Xx Isis xX – Burn Like Fire (Fedele Remix)

“Hey everyone, it’s Fedele here. I’m super excited to share with you my latest remix, ‘Burn Like Fire’ by Xx Isis xX. This project is a true milestone in my creative journey, defining the direction I want my label to take. The story behind this remix is quite serendipitous – I stumbled upon a snippet of Isis’s synthpop track on Facebook and immediately knew I had to put my hands on it. After getting the stems from Isis, I dove into the remix, and now, we have this amazing piece out in the world! And guess what? There are two more remixes on the way. Stay tuned!”


Rez Dorsia – Hurt Me Bad

“Let’s talk about ‘Hurt Me Bad’ by Rez Dorsia. Every so often, I get these gems in my inbox from incredible producers like him. I remember hearing this track while touring in South America last year, and it blew me away. Rez Dorsia has been instrumental in shaping the new sound of my label, and this track is a testament to our collaborative spirit.”

Fedele – Spike Express (The Hacker Remix)

“Speaking of remixes, ‘Spike Express’ remixed by The Hacker is probably the pinnacle of remixes I’ve received so far. It’s an honor to have one of my biggest inspirations, The Hacker, rework my track. His timeless version holds a special place in my heart, and I’m thrilled to share this masterpiece with you.”


Fedele – Six Days

“Then there’s ‘Six Days,’ a track I’ve poured my heart into. It evolved into a summer anthem, and I’m particularly proud of how I crafted its melody using my signature electric sounds. The result is an intriguing blend that I hope you’ll love as much as I do.”


Damon Jee – Starfield

“I’ve got to give a shout-out to Damon Jee for ‘Starfield,’ a major hit from our last year’s compilation. It’s a track that never fails to energise the dancefloor, and I’ve been playing it a lot in my sets.”


Fedele – Riot Dance

“‘Riot Dance,’ a project I released two years ago on Obscura, is another track close to my heart. It encapsulates the essence of my sound and the auditory vision I have for my label.”


Juanito State & Monsieur Philippe – I Mix Your Love

“I also want to highlight ‘I Mix Your Love’ by Juanito State & Monsieur Philippe. Juanito, an amazing producer from Colombia, sent me this banger, and it’s been a mainstay in my DJ sets. Its innovative sound and unique production really sets it apart.”


Golden Virgo – Welcome To My World

“From our second various artists compilation, ‘Welcome To My World’ by Golden Virgo stands out with its Sci-fi vibe. It’s a unique track that adds a distinct flavour to our collection.”


Amandra – Arquate

“Amandra’s ‘Arquate’ is my absolute favourite from his album. The track’s powerful groove and tribal drum beats evoke images of a march through an Amazonian forest – it’s simply mesmerising.”


Voiski – Floodlight For Sunflowers

“Last but not least, Voiski’s ‘Floodlight For Sunflowers’ has been a huge inspiration for me. Contributing to our first VA, this track is undeniably one of the top 10 in Obscura’s history.”