BORIS BREJCHA’S High-Tech Minimal sound has swept through clubs and festivals across the world over the last few years winning armies of fans along the way with flamboyant DJ sets full of positive energy.

Out of all of the masked DJs on the scene, Boris is definitely of our favourites.

During that time, he has also proved to be a firm favourite in the EXIT Dance Arena in Serbia, which according to many is the most spectacular electronic music stage on Earth.

The 20th edition of EXIT is going to be one of the first festivals to take place in Europe after lockdown.

It’s that special moment when the sun’s rays shine over the fortress walls and your favourite tune is belting through the sound system and into your soul, which will once again make the festival experience unforgettable, and this year even more special.

Boris will be taking to the stage alongside the likes of Tale Of Us, Nina Kravitz, Black Coffee, Paul Kalkbrenner, Meduza, ARTBAT, Kobosil and many more.

We caught up with Boris this week and asked him to talk us through a playlist of his favourite tracks, the selection he came up with might catch you off guard if you are just expecting cutting edge electronic dance music. 

Music Instructor – Hymn

I will never forget this song, as it had a decisive influence on my youth. At that time it was my first single CD which I had bought. I loved this song, and I still love it today. For this reason it will always remain in first place.


Blank & Jones – The Nightfly

This song is also a classic. I remember it fondly. It was my youth at the time. The age when we moved from club to club every weekend and turned the nights into day. What a time. It was a crazy time.

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

This song is a bit out of tune, but I want to mention it over and over again. It’s such a beautiful song. Leisure, barbecue, sitting by the lake, just looking at the stars. Dreaming.

Pan-Pot – Confronted

Yeah. Come on. Keep it moving. There’s no end in sight. Now, that’s what I call a danceable loop that should never end. When I first heard that song, I was going crazy, dancing my ass off. Literally.

Boris Brejcha – Purple Noise 

I know it’s unusual to put one of your own songs in the Top 10, but it just has to be. This song has the power to get everyone moving, to my taste. I always compare this song to good sex. It is hard and soft at the same time. And that’s what I love about it.

Dominic Fike – 3 Nights 

Oh yes. That’s what I call a really good radio song. My girlfriend had shown me this song for the first time a few weeks ago, and I was totally excited. This is currently my good mood song.

Fatboy Slim – Rockefeller Skank

Sick song. Just sick. A real party popper. When you play this song, all the dancing legs start to shake.

Marek Hemmann – Ginger / Marek Hemmann – Joker

These are two very beautiful summer songs. I discovered the two songs because of their names. Joker & Ginger. So good! I thought it was cute because my girlfriend’s real name is Ginger and I am known as Joker. Very cool.

Cliff Richard – Rote Lippen soll man küssen

Oh, yeah…. memories! I used to sing that song so often when I was a little boy. I learned to love that song. Back when I discovered it, it was a hard time for me because of an accident. This song helped me get through it happily.

Interstellar Main Theme – Extra Extended – Soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

If I had my way, I would actually have to enumerate every song by Hans Zimmer. To me he is a superstar. I have already been to two of his concerts. They were always outstanding. So I can recommend this with a clear conscience.

The 20th edition of EXIT Festival, Serbia takes place on 13th – 16th August, 2020. For more information head HERE.