HAILING from South Yorkshire, DJ and music producer Boston George aka Mathew Hardy is prolific and his music hypnotic and captivating and full of energy.

For an artist to explode into our consciousness with such an impeccable production palette is rare and his new EP Solarplex released this week on Cubism is a perfect example of why he is fast turning heads.

The collection of tracks on the new EP covers all bases, with the sublime summer deep groove of Run, the tech house sleaze of Solarplex and the no nonsense techno sensibilities of Agitated Excitement. There is something for everyone and has received support from the likes of Nick Warren, Joseph Capriati, Eric Powell, Paco Osuna, D-Nox, Gabriel & Dresden, Alex Nemec, Richie Hawtin, Nicolas Masseyeff, Chad Jackson, DJ EZ, Horse Meat Disco, Steve Parry, Tocadisco and more.

Expect to hear much more from this exciting new artist with radio plays across the BBC radio airwaves and interest from major labels, his star is very much on the ascent. We caught up with him to chat about his new EP and dig into his plans for the future.

How long have you been making music and who inspires you?

I’ve been in the studio for a solid 2 years now in the next couple of month, it started out as a lockdown hobby and kind of just spiralled. I went from putting together 15 channel loop tracks to spending a lot of my time with friends who have been doing it for well over a decade teaching me everything I now know today.

My inspirations… where to start? Eric Prydz was the guy that sustained and rekindled my love for dance music after the trance scene died off, when he dropped the first Pryda album I reclaimed my addiction for the club scene. Along with him the likes of Sasha and John Digweed, Tale Of Us, Camelphat’s underground club style was a big eye opener when I saw them live the first time. Cristoph is a massive influence for me, his style is pumping yet progressive and he mixes the dance floor up well. Maceo Plex’ unique style also contributes hugely to my tastes of synths and sounds I put to work in the studio. Last but not least, two local guys to me, Hot Since 82 and Franky Wah. You just get a different kind of inspiration when the guys from 20 minutes away from you are tearing it up.

Boston George aka Mathew Hardy

What is your local scene like? Where did you cut your teeth as a DJ?

My local scene in Barnsley is nothing to chat about really, apart from some warehouse raves we used to do. My best gig to date was the Distrikt bar in Leeds, that place has got a party atmosphere like I’ve never witnessed anywhere else, even in the big clubs with it being so intimate, it’s just a huge vibe. Have to give a shout out to the lads who run the ‘Muzic Events’ over at Code Warehouse also, that’s the first place I saw Cristoph and Hot since 82 live back in the day.

Are you at home with DJing as you are with producing?

Yeah I’ve been DJing around 5 years now flat out from the living room to house parties then local gigs, another thing that started out as a hobby that inflated.

How did you find lockdown and the last couple of years creatively?

Well I did my first real studio session the first week of the first lockdown. I’d been practicing at home so really I don’t know if I would have ever made the move to the studio with the better equipment and sound treated rooms without the lockdown with work commitments and such. Who knows? For me it’s been a blessing.

Your music covers a wide spectrum of dance music rather than focusing on a specific genre. When you sit down to write a track do you set out with a genre in mind?

My first tracks made which are available on all platforms now under Boston George [UK] were really like a deep house vibe, kind of like Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound style. As I said before he has always been a huge influence on me creatively, as I went on in the studio and carried on clubbing and my never ending search for new music my sound has a kind of evolved to a more prog house/prog techno style sound, I try not to pigeon hole myself by genres though I feel it limits creativity.

You have an amazing three track release on Cubism which is out now. What other labels have you signed to and what are your dream labels to get your music released on?

The labels I’ve released so far are pretty small, I initially put the tracks out to get my name out there and see what happens really, kind of my own little experiment. Anjuna and Afterlife are a serious vibe for me, Pryda and Mau5trap also and of course Shen, Franky Wah’s new label that’s starting in the new year and which I have a collaboration release coming out on.

You’ve done some great remixes already like your recent re-rubs of Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Chase & Status. What do you look for when deciding on tracks you want to sprinkle your magic on?

Ahh the Chilli Pepper’s track was inspired over a decade ago when I went to watch Eddie Halliwell at Gatecrasher in Leeds. He sampled it over a track. I still listen to that mix now as I have it saved to SoundCloud. Other than that I just see what comes up when I’m scowering for vocals.

You have received some great support so far from the likes of the BBC among others. On your journey so far how hard have you found it to get noticed? With the quality of the music you are making it must have turned a lot of heads quite quickly?

To be honest the effort I have put in so far is pretty minimal, most of the work I’ve done in the last 18 month is unreleased, I plan on releasing everything in abundance within a few month period once things pick up next year, I have around 25 tracks label ready and make more every week.

And what s next? Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I have some gigs lined up for after the new year, nothing I can speak about yet though. In five years I want to be fully focused on the scene and alongside building a career, I want to tour every country to see how they party across the world. Hopefully by then I’ll be well established enough to set up my own label also. It’s always been a big thing for me to want to be able to sign other artists who’s sound I like and appreciate. Most of all I want to keep it fun and stay and in love with the culture.

Boston George (UK) – Solarplex EP featuring tracks Run, Solarplex and Agitated Excitement is out now on Cubism. You can listen below and buy downloads direct from us but it is also available everywhere now to download and stream.