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Having carefully honed their craft with a precision that few can manage in the studio, GAIST have meticulously prepared an EP that caught the attention of some of the industry’s biggest tastemakers over 12 months ago. GAIST finally unleashed their Mind EP on Pig & Dan’s iconic ELEVATE imprint on March 17th.

With ‘Blakk’ getting its first play in Richie Hawtin’s live Essential mix for BBC Radio 1 in January 2016, the duo’s sound immediately caught the eye of techno stalwarts Pig & Dan who snapped up the track alongside ‘Mind’ and ‘Rumble’ for a new EP on ELEVATE. The accompanying two tracks were then played by Pig & Dan in their own Essential Mix that April. To have such high profile support so early, and across the entire EP, highlights the quality that the dark and brooding tones of the Mind EP has.

Buy the EP here: https://www.beatport.com/artist/gaist…

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