IBIZA’S legendary Zoo Project was electrified once again by the enigmatic DJ and producer, Defex last weekend.

Known for his deep house to dark techno journeys, Defex has been a staple in the underground dance music scene for many years as co-founder of the infamous Zoo Project.

Defex has recently collaborated with Jade PraiZe on the track Bite Me Back, a playful yet haunting piece that captures the essence of his artistic vision. The track, released on Kittball, showcases Defex’s ability to craft deeply engaging and emotive music, further solidifying his reputation in the dance music community​.



Defex’s roots trace back to the unassuming landscapes of Lower Bavaria, far removed from the mainstream influences of big city life. This unique upbringing allowed him to cultivate a distinct musical style, one that seamlessly blends deep, melodic synths with the raw energy of techno beats. His work has found homes in some of the most respected labels, including Poker Flat, Cocoon Recordings and Moon Harbour.


Jade PraiZe and Defex


As a co-founder of the Zoo Project, Defex has been instrumental in shaping the event’s wild and immersive experience. Held at Benimussa Park for many years, the party has moved to the infamous Cova Santa for a series of parties this summer.




Zoo Project transforms the space into a surreal animal kingdom, complete with vibrant costumes, painted faces, and an atmosphere that encourages revelers to unleash their inner beasts. Defex told us;

“The Zoo Project bites back! The wild animals found a great new home at Cova Santa! Can’t wait to play again 27th July & 26 September for my birthday.”

Defex dropped into The Night Bazaar and recorded an exclusive mix to give you a flavour of what you can expect on the Zoo Project’s wild dance floor. You can stream the mix below.