DIGITAL Farm Animals, Nick Gale is arguably the most infamous pig in the world (including Peppa and Percy), a former law student come international jet-set DJ and multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter and producer.

His records have been streamed hundreds of millions of times, along with working with pop stars like Dua Lipa, Little Mix, Louis Tomlinson and James Arthur, he is at the top of his game. It was his track ‘Millionaire’ that brought him to our attention in 2016, streamed 78 Million times. Today will see him sporting a pink digital pig helmet when he performs at stadiums and huge clubs alike and he is the director of #PigmanTV. Here he unveils a little bit about himself exclusively for The Night Bazaar.

Thanks for joining us! What have you been up to recently?

You are most welcome. I have been spending my days in the City of Angels, constructing pop masterpieces in the studio by day and dallying with beautiful people by night.

You have such an original name, what was the inspiration, where did the name Digital Farm Animals come from?

It’s a long story. But for the sake of not boring your readers. I chose it whilst looking at a field of animals. I added Digital and voila…

You are from London? What is it that you love about the city? Where are you based now?

You are correct. I grew up in the land of tea cups and smoke pipes (And Greggs – which I love). I consider whichever city I am DJing in my home away from home.

Tell me about your greatest moment musically, was it when you achieved over 250 million listens on ‘All Falls Down’ or was it at a performance? What was the record that you felt put you on the map?

It may sound cliché, but my greatest moment was hearing my song ‘Millionaire’ on the radio for the first time. That was the song that began this chain of events that has led me to become the most infamous pig in the world.

Tell me about your latest release Lookin’ For, especially about the video – what’s the story?

It’s an age-old story. Person starts making music in his bedroom. He becomes a hot shot, in-demand producer and his talents lead him to Los Angeles. He parties with models and hangs out with rappers. But in the midst of all of this, his girlfriend gets left behind. I won’t spoil the ending but I wrote the song about remembering what’s important in life when you are surrounded by superficial things.

Before Digital Farm Animals you studied at law school. Did this help you negotiate the dredged pitfalls of the industry? Did it help?

Yes, I can spot a fraudster from a mile off.

Tell me more about the Pig Man character? Is he always with you? Why did you decide to create the alter ego? What does he represent?

He is me and I am him.

You recently posted the series premiere of #PigmanTV on YouTube tell us more about that.

I am primarily an international jet-set DJ and multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter and producer (no big deal), but that’s not to say I don’t have other interests and talents. #PigmanTV is my outlet for those and we are having a great deal of fun with it.

What’s the story behind the helmet? Who made it? Where did it originate from?

I don’t remember a time before the helmet, of course, but I’ve been told it was created in a highly classified remote detachment supermax technological facility in the Sonoran desert and I have no reason to question this.

Nick Gale aka Digital Farm Animals

You’ve worked with a number of artists including Dua Lipa, Little Mix, Louis Tomlinson and James Arthur, how would you say you have influenced their sound?

I think that would be a better question for them, but I’d like to think the music we created together impacted their musical journeys and influenced their hordes of fans, created millions more for them whilst netting me 2-3 thousand follows on Instagram.

Finally, what do you have coming up in 2019 and where can we see you?

We have some very exciting news coming. Touring, big collabs, maybe some new merchandise. Maybe even some free advice. Who knows what the future holds. I hope you enjoy it though.