SOUTH AMERICAN based DJ and producer Jossie Telch, has been causing a stir for the last few years, his vibrant beats igniting the spirit of Mexico City’s underground electronic dance music scene.

The up and coming artist’s debut album Blueprint arrived on the global radar this summer on his IbogaTech label and immediately impressed with its fat groove-heavy techno foundation, complimented by just the right amount of psychedelia, earning him accolades from dance floors around the world.


Blueprint is a culmination of years of hard work, exploration, and experimentation. It’s a testament to Jossie’s dedication to constantly refresh and improve his artistry, ensuring a unique experience for his audience with each track. Each song in this album unveils a piece of the musical puzzle that makes up the enigmatic Jossie Telch sound.

We got in touch with Jossie this week and invited him to talk us through a playlist of music that inspired Blueprint including stand out tracks from the album.

Jossie Telch – Gears

“This track is the oddball from my debut album. With some mechanical sounds and a particular roughness to them it creates for me the image of gears in a machine, hence the title of the track. Somehow the track manages to  be one of the smoothest ones in the album with some harmonic work that counteracts with the roughness of the mechanical bits mentioned before. Its oddness appeals to me in a very special way. That’s why I choose to start the list with Gears.”


Jossie Telch – Mirrors

“Mirrors is one of those tracks that happened quite organically and fast. It flowed from beginning to end with no problems or glitches. It was an easy composition . One of those tracks in which every time I sat down to work, sounds seemed to fit in without much complication.

It has worked wonders for me when playing it. Even though it still has trippy elements to it, it’s more on the melodic side which seems to appeal to a broader audience.”


X-Dream – The First

“X-dream has always fascinated me. This particular track features some amazing composition to it. The phrasing and the production which in my opinion was way ahead of its time. That plus the fact that they drifted so far from the 4 on the floor regime and still managed to write a deeply psychedelic track amazes me to this day.”


Atmos – Jimmy The Plate

“The power of percussion and groove. Back in 1999 this track made me fall in love with electronic music. A few years later in 2001 I was lucky enough to listen to this in a big P.A in California performed by the man himself Atmos. And what I saw was pure magic. My schooling intention was to major in Film Scoring in University, but after listening to this I decided to go for Music Synthesis.”


Killing Joke – Requiem (Alex Patterson Mix)

“I’ve always loved dub versions of great music. And this is the creme de la creme. Doctors of sound indeed, Killing Joke (Martin Glover) and Dr Alex Patterson deliver this masterpiece that I will always go back to whenever in need a of a voyage of smoothness.”


Son Kite – Perspectives Of

“Minilogue’s older brother is Son Kite. Pioneers of Scandinavian sound. This revolutionized my ears and turned on to a completely new sound. Masters of production along with a deep understanding of groove and a lovely MIDI violin made for a killer combination.”


Liquid Beach – Saffi Brothers

“Masters of dubtech. I love the hypnotic quality of their music, along with a super warm mix that almost sounds low fi, but you can tell its calculated result. The sexy vocal sample is inviting and adds to the warmth of the track. Music that will sooth me when needed.”


Pitch Bitch – Phony Orphants

“I’m so proud to say that one half of this duo is now my label manager, Dj Emok – Iboga Rec/Ibogatech. Following along the lines of Scandinavian sound, Phony Orfphants were that and more. Pitch Bitch was always a treat for me to listen to if someone were to play it at a party or festival. This was before I started playing myself, so I was always secretly wanting for someone to play it as I would start bouncing.”


Free Cloud – Perfect Stranger

“The master, the creator of a sound that we all drift towards. And this track might very well be one of his top masterpieces. Making it seem like a dance floor turns into a mass of some sort. The expression on every synth on every break, every chord change. Makes for a perfectly strange composition. I was lucky enough to be asked by Yuli to remix this track, so I really know it inside out.”


Aphex Twin – Window Licker

“Drifting once again from the 4 on the floor formula, Windowlicker by Aphex twin really defines an era in my musical journey. His sample work and audio editing are on point. The musicality of the piece mixed with a fantastic production and an overall badass guy is the most killer combo. Aphex Twin is timeless.”