JUNIOR SANCHEZ cut his teeth in the clubs of New York, perfecting his craft in the Big Apple.

Continually shaking up the world of house music with his eclectic and unpredictable palette of sounds he’s  one of  clubland’s most prolific artists.

With releases on some of dance music’s biggest tastemaker labels including Defected, Strictly Rhythm and Nervous to name a few, he’s also amassed an impressive list of production remix credits for artists including Madonna, Gorillaz, Jamiroquai, Azealia Banks, Cassius and Ariana Grande.

His new single Freedom is another infectious, hip shaking, power house release featuring the vocal talent of Charlie Vox across a funky bass line paired with uplifting trumpets.

Look out for a remix from Defected queen Sam Divine dropping soon.

We caught up with Junior this week and he talked us through a playlist of inspirational music.

The System – Don’t Disturb This Groove

Ooft!! This song deserves so much love every time it’s played so here you go……play this while driving in the summer. I dare you now to try and not bob your head and making that funk stank face as soon as the bass hits!


Manuel Göttsching – E2-E4 (Full-Length Version)

This is the perfect record to start an afterparty with and have people just chill and keep the vibe right as the sunrises and the cocktails are flowing. Even if you’re alone on an island this track makes you feel that euphoric exotic vibe. I used to have to flip the vinyl around as on record it’s 30mins long each side but now it’s streamed on repeat.


Ramsey Lewis, Earth, Wind and Fire – Sun Goddess

Every time I play this song it makes everything ok. It’s like the world just tunes into the correct frequency and it all connects. Another vibe record that will connect with your soul every time.


Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This

The afterparty mix continues with this classic that many tried to redo but nothing touches this original masterpiece. This is what a heaven soundtrack would be like when you walk in.


Donna Summer – Could It Be Magic

This song is pure magic. Penned by Barry Manilow, this song touches every inch of your heart’s melodic desires and this penetrates all.


Urban Soul – Alright

This record makes my all time list. When I was a teenager, this was my go-to record to dance to in a circle, and I used to dance A LOT. This track is a seminal house record and a lost gem. In my opinion, Roland Clarke is such a talented singer-songwriter and producer, I’ve got so much love for him and his contributions to our culture and I’m proud to call him a friend but I’ll always be his biggest fan.


Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)

What can be said about this song that already hasn’t been said? I mean here we are some 20 odd years later and this record still resonates and is discovered by a new generation of house heads over and over. I first heard this record when I skipped school and ran home to listen to John Robinson’s midday mic on WBLS in NYC. I’ll never forget when I heard this as it changed my whole view on house music. It was like “ok, good music can be on the radio” and since then Crystal and I became friends and I love her dearly. She has a new label and I’ve recorded a song with her for it.


Bernard Wright – Who Do You Love

One of my all-time favorite jams. Bernard is a crazy talented musician, super underrated but a beast of keyboard player. This is pure fire.


New Order – Confusion

This is a straight up classic! I mean, this video of the band in NYC in the ’80s, with Arthur Baker, is a true depiction of what the vibe was like in the city at that time. Baker produced this record and so many other seminal tracks and there a point in the video where the band and AB go to The Funhouse and you see Jellybean Benetiz djing the track on a half-inch a reel to reel. Magical stuff.


Fascination ‎– Don’t You Think It’s Time (Dance Mix)

Ok, so many house heads probably don’t know that Todd Terry started making freestyle music that we called “Latin freestyle” ala Joyce Syms.  He produced a lot of classics during that time such as ‘Coro’, ‘Giggles’…… the list goes on. You always knew it was him making these records because of his signature drum style and snare. Everyone making those types of records were typically light on the drums but Todd heavy as f*# and they sound like gold.