WE love saʊnd Fridays and for this instalment we welcome back three of the main protagonists at the club, Cubism and The Night Bazaar’s Mark Gwinnett, saʊnd founder Deano Loco and the infamous Ashley McKenna with three hours of electronic goodness.

The trio will be hosting the courtyard under the saʊnd banner for Bunkerbound at The Source Bar in Maidstone on 19th March as Paul Neary, SiN and Lewis Clark resume their hugely successful residency at the club for the first time in 2022. This live stream is the first session dedicated to Bunkerbound as we warm up for the party. For more information and for tickets to Bunkerbound head to: https://bit.ly/BB_source_tickets

Look out for another Bunkerbound Session coming live and direct from saʊnd ahead of the party.

The Night Bazaar presents saʊnd LIVE is broadcast every Friday from 8pm on Mixcloud LIVE and all the previous sessions are available to listen again right here.

For more information head to www.thenightbazaar.co.uk

Listen below to this one from Mark Gwinnett, Deano Loco and Ashley McKenna below or head direct to Mixcloud.