THE nightlife sector in Europe’s electronic music capital Berlin has been one of the last to reopen since the pandemic took hold at the start of 2020.

The German government recently agreed to drop its mask mandate and open indoor areas of the myriad of famous venues to people who are fully immunized.

So as we look forward to returning to Berlin to experience the amazing partying opportunities the city has to offer it is a great pleasure to welcome a DJ associated with one of the best known Berlin night spots, Watergate resident Matthias Meyer with a fabulous playlist of Watergate classics.

Currently in the middle of a worldwide tour taking in USA, Mexico, Dubai, Tel Aviv and Amsterdam,  his new EP, out last month on Watergate Records, has been a staple in his sets since the world started dancing again.

The title track Sweet Ease has been receiving big reactions from the crowds, with it being one of the stand out tracks from his set at the first party back at Watergate. He says: “Every time I played this record, the party changed completely to pure fire.”

Listen and read what Matthias had to say about tracks by Dennis Ferrer, Kenny Larkin, La Fluer, Guy J, Depeche Mode, Timo Maas and more and also the title track Sweet Ease from Matthias with Budakid.

Jürgen Paape – Eden

“I have played this track a million times, whenever I played the opening set of the Waterfloor or at the mainstage at Watergate. It has some amazing strings at the beginning which I always love and the whole track has that “the party is starting now” feeling.”


Quentin Harris – House (Danny Howells Re-Edit)

This is an all-time classic and almost only played at Watergate when I do a warmup set at either Waterfloor, or the main room. Mostly played one hour after the start of my set, when people arrive at the club, and slowly start to drink and dance. Whenever I play this one , it’s always the moment the party changes from “the beginning”…to a real club night.


Matthias Meyer – Infinity

“This is THE track – or let’s say a remix of one of my fav Hip Hop tracks of all time – that took me to another level and also brought me into Watergate and their agency. At the time, almost everybody played this one, including all Watergate resident DJs. I have heard this track so many times there.”


Matthias Meyer & Budakid – Sweet Ease

“My first own material in more than a year and I am so happy about this one. Watergate and all Berlin clubs just opened after 1.5 years of silence. I played at the opening at 7 am in the morning and it felt like people were waiting for this moment for 1.5 years. The vibe was just insane. When I played it there it had the same feeling than at all my other gigs played since lockdown around the world. It has a very special vibe and I call it a party changer. Every time I play this track, the party changed to pure ecstasy.”


La Fleur – Nightflow (Kenny Larkin Remix)

“Same for this one. In my opinion, this is the most played track on the Watergate Records label and at Watergate club itself.”


Dennis Ferrer – Sinfonia Della Notte

“I am a big Dennis Ferrer fan, but mostly of the older tunes which are more old school house tunes. This is probably my all-time fav Dennis Ferrer one. You ask me for the ultimate Watergate tracks, and this came into my mind immediately. Most of the time I play Watergate, I am kind of famous for playing the closing until opening. I think I have played this one the most during the last 30 minutes of my sets over the last 5 years. It just has a very enthusiastic vibe, especially if you manage to find the right transition after the one before.”


Culoe De Song – Y.O.U.D.

“This is one of my all-time favourite tracks. I just love the vibe, the atmosphere of this track and especially the “Oh Oh”. It’s pure ecstasy when you manage to play this at the right moment. Mostly works at the Waterfloor at 9am in the morning, when the sun is rising and you are playing with the River Spree behind you.”


Guy J – Synthopia

“In the main room of Watergate, you have to play a little bit differently; a bit more “peak time”. Especially when you are the first DJ there. You can’t play endless deep tunes because the floor starts an hour later than Waterfloor. I love Guy J and normally his music is more Waterfloor, but it feels like he did this for his peak-time sets, like when I am playing in the main room. It’s deep and melodic, but it has a super progressive big floor vibe. Every time I have played this in the main room, it just felt perfect. People going nuts.”


Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence (Timo Maas Remix)

“One of my first club experiences was when I was 23 at Click Hamburg. That was around 2004. I started late because I grew up in a small village. Wighnomy Brothers, aka Robag Wruhme, played this as a closing track and everybody was hugging each other. 15 years later and I still play this track at the end of my sets. The moment the whole club is singing is just goosebumps.”


Essay – Archangel

“This is my most played last record at Watergate – and probably worldwide. I just can’t describe that record. It has an amazing breakbeat, lots of emotional melody elements and it ends with only strings and vocals for minutes. Kind of Massive Attack vibes, but without the beats. Almost every time I play this at the end, couples are hugging and kissing each other.”


Matthias Meyer is resident at Watergate, Berlin. His ‘Sweet Ease’ EP with Budakid is out now on Watergate Records