BASED in Edinburgh for the last couple of years, Mha Iri (pronounced ‘Marry’) has traveled extensively over the last decade, even calling Australia home for a while.

Leaving Scotland to see the world, the young techno star eventually landed in Melbourne where over 5 years she established herself as a firm feature on the city’s vibrant underground techno circuit playing open to close sets to ever growing crowds.

Mha Iri

Mha Iri


Driven by a desire to work the European circuit, Mha Iri relocated to Edinburgh in 2021 and you can now find her playing regularly across Germany, UK, Austria, Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Scandinavia and beyond, with key shows at Mayday, IkarusFestival, E1 London, Watergate Berlin, Tanzhaus West Frankfurt and more.

Her productions went through the roof last year and she was crowned #1 best-selling female artist in Hard Techno on Beatport with releases on Filth On Acid and none other than Adam Beyer’s famed Drumcode imprint.



Mha Iri touches down this weekend in London playing at Drumcode London at Drumsheds on Saturday 9th March in the Junction 2 room.

We caught up with her ahead of the show and she talks us through her top ten favourite Drumcode tracks which includes her own track, The Unexpected. Listen to the music and read what she has to say about her selection below.

Mha Iri – The Unexpected

“This is one of my favourite tracks that I’ve produced to date and it combines ethereal melodies with a dark gritty lead and a thundering kick/bass. It always goes off on the dancefloor.”


Adam Beyer – Stone Flower 

“I love the progression and hypnotic feel of this track and it has a unique feel to it. I played it all the time earlier on in my DJ career.”


Layton Giordani – New Generation

“I love the use of modulation on the arpeggiated lead to create tension and an interesting flavour to the track and the atmosphere created in the break is magical.”


Veerus – Cycle

“This track just feels epic. It’s euphoric, driving and emotional all at once.”


Mark Reeve – Run Back

“This is also a track I used to play earlier in my career and it’s just such a great track from Mark. I love the melodies and the main synth in the drop is just so catchy.”


Enrico Sangiuliano – Symbiosis

“The sound design in this track is mind boggling as it is in many of Sangiulianos tracks. The huge bass synth drop is divine and just smacks you in the face.”


Layton Giordani – Memory Fragment

“This is a stunning deep track that I enjoy listening to at home with intricate layers of emotive melodies and whale samples. It’s really something special.”


Harvey McKay – Find yourself

“I love how this track feels dark but euphoric at the same time and Harvey really had a signature sound that can be heard in every track and this track is no exception.”


Thomas Schumacher – Feist

“Feist is a super driving track that just feels extremely energetic from the get go and makes you want to lose yourself on the dancefloor. That’s another wallop main drop that just hits hard in the right way.”


Lilly Palmer – We Control

“As soon as I heard this track, I knew it was going to hit no 1. I love the use of old school synth stabs combined with a fresh and really hard hitting drop.”