CLASSICALLY trained Tim Green is an electronic music talent with a penchant for experimentation.

Tim’s music spans across the genre spectrum and can be found gracing powerhouse labels such as Get Physical, Mobilee and Sven Väth’s Cocoon.

Tim’s techno career became synonymous with Sven Väth’s Cocoon over the last decade having released numerous tracks and EPs on the label with his debut album ‘Her Future Ghost’ dropping on the famous imprint in 2018.

While he’s always loved creating music for sweaty, after hours clubs, Tim has recently found a much deeper connection with the qualities that daylight parties offer with a much more melodic, instrumental side of electronica. With this newfound path, he’s found himself closely aligned with Lee Burridge’s iconic day party, All Day I Dream. Tim is set to release his first full EP on the label of the same name,’Vacation To Life’ today, March 27.

We asked Tim to curate a playlist of calming electronica for us amid the craziness of the world today. Here’s what he choose and what he had to say about the playlist and each track below.

‘These ten tracks are a selection of old and new songs that make me dream, keep me inspired, relax and stay peaceful in these challenging times, which I hope, if even in a small way might do the same for anyone reading and listening. It’s also a reflection of the sound and direction of music I am pursuing right now, a  dreamy and more musical ethos of music. You can hear this in the playlist as I’ve included two tracks from my latest EP on the record label All Day I Dream, titled Vacation To Life’ and ‘Light Eyes’ respectively.’

Niklas Paschburg – Tuur Mang Welten

A beautiful and delicate piano piece by Niklas. Such an inviting song that builds perfectly.


The Hang – Gabriele Carasco

Again another great slow building song, all based around a hang drum (hence the title). Lovely way to introduce some beats into this selection of songs.


Poetry (Mattes K Remix) – Francois Svalis

This song sounds like a summer journey or expedition to me. Very calming but has great movement throughout that creates a great pushing vibe.

Brothers & Sisters (Poodle Dub)

A super chilled out and deep song. Very simplistic in nature, it’s all about mood setting and putting you in an almost trance-like state. Let it wash over you.

Light Eyes – Tim Green

I wrote this song for Burning Man 2018, to play it there. I have so many memories of this song, especially as its only just being released now!

Bim – John Tejada, Tin Man

One of my favourite songs ever. Great song that gets me every time I hear it.

Thora Vukk – Robag Wruhme

Robag is still one of the best producers out there in my opinion. Tied with one of the best labels, Pampa Records, its a combination that never fails. A gorgeous ethereal experience throughout.


Vacation To Life – Tim Green

I wrote this song specifically to tick 2 boxes, firstly to work on the dance floor, secondly to listen at home closely and hear all the detail involved. I love songs that can achieve both listening experiences.

Samhain – Kev Sheridan

Quite a melancholic sounding song to me, but for me melancholy is one of my favourite emotions. I love drawing upon memories as feelings.

Arvie Awakens (S.A.M. Reshape) – Coldfish

This is one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever heard. It’s truly perfection from start to finish, and evokes such a great feeling of sadness yet hope. The chord changes put you in a different mood every chord change that plays. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

Tim Green – Vacation To Life is out now on All Day I Dream