BARCELONA based DJ and producer Piem is one of those familiar contemporary artists whose music has become a house staple in the sets of  many of the worlds finest house DJs.

It feels like his music has always been there as a dependable groove source when it’s needed most.

To celebrate the launch of Barcelona-based party brand Jackies new record label, Jackies Music, which sees resident DJ Piem collaborate with house legend Todd Terry on new track Heartbeat, we caught up with Piem and asked him to share with us ten summer floor fillers.

Listen the music from Piem and read what he had to say about it below including his new single Heartbeat with Todd Terry which you can buy or stream HERE.

Todd Terry, Piem featuring Monolitio – Heartbeat

This is my biggest collaboration to date and something I’m really proud of. I still pinch myself when thinking about working with such a legend like Todd Terry. When you listen to this one you´ll hear a good mix between my style and Todd’s. Enjoy!


Jansons – Feed The Night 

I’m a big fan of Jansons, and actually I could do a whole set solely playing his music! There’s not a release from him that has or would ever disappoint.


Baum, Bastian Bux – About Us 

I always like to support local artists and friends, but they make it so easy when they give bangers like this one! I have known them for a very long time and when these guys work together they just make pure magic!

Piem, Crusy featuring Might Delete Later  – Snap It

This is another collaboration, this time with Crusy and Might Delete Later. It was released last month on Sam Divine ́s imprint Dvine Sounds and it’s been a firm in my sets since last year and still going strong.


Job De Jong – Enchanted (Folamour Remix)

This track blew my mind, it’s a perfect summer soundtrack.


Piem, Richard Ulh – Snappy 

As many people know, Richard and I are great friends and I love getting into the studio with him. We are always playing around with ideas and beats and this one, is the best to come out of this. It’s got some dynamic vocals and an infectious groove.


DJ W!ld – Underdog 

This is the 2nd release from Jackies and this one is the perfect balance for me between underground house and commercial.


Piem – Colours Of House 

This was a happy accident… It was something I put together for fun and with the intention of playing it in my sets. Fast forward to me then sending it to the guys from Elrow and they loved it. Releasing on their label was a bonus and since then, many big names have been playing it across clubs and festivals. Even Yaya played it once in the Juventus Stadium. It’s always a good one to sneak in.


Dangerous Minds – Live In Unity (Deep Zone Mix)

I’m a big fan of house music classics and this is a recent find of mine. I play it A LOT and it provides new depths for the original track.


DIscogram – Tu y yo 

As a massive fan of Julio Iglesias and disco, this was such a sweet find. I only came across it a few weeks ago but it’s been on repeat. It’s smooth but energetic and re-energised a classic. Legendary.