KÖLSCH’S critically acclaimed albums 1977, 1983 and 1989, rewrote the techno rulebook, setting it on a minimal, emotion-induced course.

Kölsch has a successful BBC Radio 1 residency under his belt, alongside being recognised for one of the biggest club hits of the summer, with his remix of Hell to the Liars.

With a string of high profile festival shows, the Danish native has continued his run of global domination with his Ibiza residencies and world tours.



His beautiful new single, An Amazing sets the tone for upcoming album, I Talk To Water.

The long player is an intimate, deep-dive narrative  interweaving themes of family and history, while acknowledging the process of turning grief into comfort. The core of the album is inspired by Kölsch’s father Patrick Reilly and so is the playlist he has compiled for us here.

He told us: “My father passed away 20 years ago from a tumour. Since then I have used his passing to fuel my inspiration. Here are the ten songs that helped me overcome the loss.”

Listen to his amazing selection of music, including the new single, An Amazing, and read what he had to say about the tracks below.

Ry Cooder – Paris Texas

“My father was an amazing guitarist, and a huge fan of Ry cooder. I remember saving up all my earnings as a kid and gifting him the Paris Texas Album. It Is and incredible piece and holds a huge place in my heart.”


Digital Justice – Theme from its all gone pear shaped

“This ambient masterpiece helped me in so many ways. My Father would visit me in my sleep after his passing and for some months it was impossible to rest. This was the only thing that calmed me down.”


Massive Attack-Trinity dub

“My father did not like electronic music. One of the first things we could agree on, was Massive Attack. We would bond over the roots in great songwriting and i would be in awe over the samples and productions.”


Rune – Calabria

“I made Calabria in 2002, it became a huge hit over the next two years. Sadly my father didn’t witness the succes achieved with that record. I remember receiving a Danish grammy soon after his passing, wishing he had been there to celebrate it.”


Kölsch – Talbot. 

“1983 is my second album. It explores early days of travelling with my father. Driving through europe. Talbot was the car we had for many years always overpacked with stuff. Always something amazing on the stereo.”


Dire Straits – Brothers in arms. 

“Dire Straits was a big part of the household. We would listen to the albums religiously. Brothers in Arms still brings me to tears.”


Steely Dan – Caves of Altamira

“I’m a huge Steely Dan fan. I got that from my dad. We would spend hours listening to the full albums. Caves of Altamira always felt like it was written for me.”


Ink and Needle-two

“Before Kölsch. Ink and Needle was my main artistic outlet. My brother and i would make techno with absolutely no boundaries. Letting our emotions and Sorrow run free. this was how we processed loss.”

Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (James Holden Remix)

“A techno classic that will always have a very special place in my heart. This came out around the time my father passed, and i took on a very different meaning to me. It became a beacon of hope. A sign that the future would be positive. That good things would come from this. It spawned a different approach to the sorrow. A driving force emerged, and has kept me going since.”


Kölsch – An Amazing

“From my forthcoming album “I talk to water”. My dad was a buddhist. When I was 11, he took me to meet his Rhinpoche (teacher) who asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I promptly answered that I wanted to make music. Much to my fathers frustration (he wanted me to get an education), His teacher answered. That’s the best thing you can do, you will make people happy.

He also used to say you’re an amazing. A beautiful mistake.”


With the full length album I Talk To Water on the way this October 27th, An Amazing’wets the appetite for fans of Kölsch’s melodic, emotionally charged techno. Pre order the album HERE.