STEVE Mill has been in and around the dance music sphere for many years as a DJ and producer. 

Following his recent releases on Tensnake’s label True Romance plus Berlin’s Dirt Crew Recordings,  Greek born Steve, who splits his time between Berlin, Thessaloniki, and London – has compiled a special summer inspired playlist of disco and house beachside beats which will help get the party started this weekend as we approach the end of the season.

Steve’s fabulous playlist includes singles Whatever It Takes featuring Tee Amara on True Romance and Dye The Bip from his God Given EP on Dirt Crew Recordings.

Listen to the music below and read what Steve had to say about the tunes he selected for us.

Storken – Lille Vals

Lille Vals is a playful, nostalgic, and intelligently produced 80s-inspired synth number that radiates warmth and positive vibes. I fell in love with it from the very first listen. Also, it’s out on Running Back, one of my all-time favourite labels.

Møme – Dolce Farniente

Dolce Farniente embodies the essence of summer, taking me on a journey instantly. With its enchanting strings, infectious positive vibe, and captivating spoken vocals, this track transports me to the elegant Ibiza nights of 1999, inspiring a sense of timeless class!

Jansons feat. Dope Earth Alien – Hypnotic

Jansons and Dope Earth Alien reunite for Hypnotic. Their collaboration fuses Jansons’ precise, synth-based sound with Dope Earth Alien’s 90s hip-hop and RnB inspired vocals. It’s old school and upbeat, I love it!

Marco Tropeano – Givin’ My Love

Another infectious groove from the back catalogue. The bassline here brings to mind an old Cassius classic, while the vocals elevate the track to another level, adding spice to any house music dancefloor this summer.

Stefano Ritteri – The Partylife

What an absolute warm banger of a track this is, with its funky guitar riffs, disco sounds, warm chords creating a subtle vibe, playful wonky rhythms, groovy bassline, and stunning vocals. I’ve been loving it since 2015!

Ralph Session feat. Mr. V – Bounce To This (Hip House Mix)

Mr. V’s voice alone is always enough to turn any House track into an instant classic. Teaming up with Ralph Session, this Deep House banger on Snatch is here to elevate your House music night to the next level. The Snatch crew always delivers.

CZR – Bad Enough (Undagrounddiscofunk Remix)

My very good friend Piem recently played this at a beach club in Barcelona, bringing back memories of my carefree teenage days, dancing to everything Subliminal. It reminded me of the golden era of late 90s and early 00s House music, with the vibrant tunes of Harry Choo Choo Romero and Junior Sanchez filling the air.

Rework – Good For Ya (Pezzner Remix)

Everything Pezzner touches, I love! Here, he returns to his mainstay label, Get Physical, to lend his magic touch to Rework’s Good for You. With beautiful chords, infectious repetitive beats, and a bassline that sticks in your mind, this track is a must-hear.

Todd Terry & Piem feat. Monolitio – Heartbeat

Legendary Brooklyn DJ Todd Terry teams up with Barcelona’s leading light, Piem, two House music figures that I’ve been loving forever. The result is Heartbeat, a track that carries a UK-ish vibe, a touch of garage, but above all, it sounds absolutely delicious.

Steve Mill – Dye the Bip

Writing Dye the Bip only took me 10 minutes to come up with the main idea. When I played the main synth, I immediately knew that I had found what I was looking for something playful, easily digestible and bold.