YOUNAN Music, a record label that has become a legendary name in the dance music industry, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Created by the visionary Saeed Younan, the label has been a driving force behind the tribal-tech-house movement.

Its infectious beats as well as captivating rhythms have been helping shape the dance movement for the past two decades and has become a favourite among renowned DJs like Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, Marco Carola and many more.

We caught up with Saeed Younan this week and he told us;

“This month marks our 200th single / EP release on Younan Music. Another milestone to be included in the label’s 20th anniversary this year. Naughty has been a sought-after track by many DJs.”



To mark the 200th release and 20th anniversary Saeed has recorded an exclusive mix for The Night Bazaar Sessions which you can listen to below. The mix features classics from the label together with more recent dance floor moments including the new single, Naughty.


Saeed Younan, Ryan Taft – Naughty

Jean P – Body Can’t Move

Fortugno – Paid

Gettoblaster, Teklow – U got Me Crazy

Adriano Longi – Salsaaa

Bonilla – Sabores

Armandd G – Kate (Tektonauts Remix)

Saeed Younan – Shake N Bake

Saeed Younan, Sankuh – Church of Bass (Hector Couto Remix)

Marc Welker – Down

Saeed Younan, Cuentero – The Book

Saeed Younan – Shake N Bake (Misha US remix)

DJ Lugo – Weekend (Andrew Teller Remix)