GRAMMY Award nominated DJ/Producer Todd Terry is one of electronic music’s enduring legends, presiding over the church of house for three decades earning him the nick name Todd the God.

Todd’s classic tracks Jumpin’ and Keep On Jumpin’ have been brought to the forefront again recently when much loved UK producer Steve Mac created a mash-up of the two records for techno DJ Mark Broom at the end of last year.


As one half of the Rhythm Masters, one of the UK’s premier house music outfits in the ‘90s, Steve Mac has had a long association with Todd Terry. An admirer of Todd’s raw NYC house style, Steve leapt at the chance to remix Todd Terry’s classic, Jumpin’ back in 1996 when asked, which hit the clubs again and smashed the UK pop charts at No.7.

Fast-forward a quarter of a century, and Steve, now a legendary producer himself, was asked by Mark Broom for a copy of that original Jumpin’ remix. Instead, Steve remembered an edit he did that’s a bit more cut-up, and gave it a pumping boost and passed it on. Mark played it out on his US tour at the end of 2022 — pitching it up for his techno sets, which went down a storm and subsequently set social media on fire with a video of him playing the track.

Steve Mac

Inundated with requests from DJ’s for a copy, Steve presented it to Todd, who was initially unsure about revisiting the classic track again, but when he heard Steve’s edit with fresh ears, he was immediately convinced it deserved to be out there for one more round.

Jumpin’ (Keep On Jumpin’ Steve Mac Edit) precedes Steve’s artist album, Bless This Acid House, which drops on Jack Said What Recordings in April, featuring legends Marshall Jefferson, Robert Owens, the late Sleezy D, E-Raze, and author Irvine Welsh, among others.

We caught up with Todd this week to mark the release and he’s compiled a playlist of his own favourite productions including the new Steve Mac edit.

Listen and read what Todd had to say about the music he selected below.

Gypsymen – Babarabitiri

OMG, this one takes me back to the dance floor, I always love the Latin sound, it’s what made people dance in the 90’s, you wanted to feel the horns blazing in your ear. The Latin sound is our first type of dance floor music along with Jazz. On this track, I tried to give a perspective on what we needed at that time, offering something different that DJ’s could play in their sets to create a Latin segment. I still rock this in my sets!


Todd Terry & Riva Star – This Is The Sound    

Riva took this to the next level and power beats and samples are our best style. I love taking things back to show people this is the sound that we should be rocking!


Todd Terry & Steve Mac – Jumpin (Keep On Jumpin) (Steve Mac VIP Edit LTD)  

Steve is the person that loves playing with the edits in a track. Here he’s made a mash up the two classics ‘Jumpin’ and ‘Keep On Jumpin’, making it nice and funky like we need it to be.


A-Trk & Todd Terry – DJs Gotta Dance More

One of my best records ever!  A-Trak rocked this track. It started just with some vocal ideas and turned into a true story. Growing into this music biz wasn’t easy, but you just gotta keep on going. This is one song I wrote with everybody in mind, about that thing we love called music.


EBTG – Missing (Todd Terry Remix)

‘Missing’ shows you that it’s all about the song, it’s easy to remix a beautiful song with a great melody. I love to put banging beats to a song with a soft melody.


Todd Terry – Samba 

This is a taste of my African vibe. When I made these vocals, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, but it came out dope! Haha!


Todd Terry – Something Goin’ On (In Your Soul)   

Working with great singers always makes it easier for producers. Martha Wash and Jocelyn Brown made the lyrics rock to the beat. If you have never heard this song, I wonder what do you think? House was at a great time period when this came out in 1997 and crowds love to sing along to it.


Todd Terry – Black Again

Here’s a song I didn’t see myself doing. I wanted that Techno vibe, but with a House music vibe too. I always wanted to be a rapper and I’m still not one. Haha!


Todd Terry – Jumpin  

One of my favourite tracks that I made in 1994. The beats were banged out. Using classic sounds always sounds incredible and I believe this track will last forever.


Todd Terry & Abigail Bailey – It’s Alright

I always love Abigail’s voice, she was pregnant at the time of making the video, so we had to come up with a concept for it and it really worked. Again, I love strong beats with good songs. We had a good time together making this song.


Todd Terry & Robin S – Give Me A Reason 

Robin and I always rock together when we collaborate. We made this in just one week and we were surprised at how good it came out. Robin is the greatest when it comes to vibing vocally on a track and I love the video with kids dancing to our music.


Todd Terry & Steve Mac – Jumpin (Keep On Jumpin Steve Mac Edit) is out now on Freeze Records.