WHOMADEWHO kicked off their global live tour last November and the trio touch down in London at Troxy on Saturday 3rd February with their new live show with ÂME Live and Shubostar in support.

The band, Jeppe Kjellberg, drummer Tomas Barfod and singer/bassist Tomas Høffding in collaboration with globally celebrated architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group, have crafted a mesmerizing stage design aiming to transcend the live concert experience. Known for their work on spectacular projects like The ORB at Burning Man, BIG recently unveiled a new inflatable sphere stage that will serve as a canvas for three-dimensional video projections, creating an unparalleled immersive 3D experience.

WhoMadeWho Live

Since their creation, the Danish trio has been a driving force in pushing the boundaries of music, seamlessly blending Indie, Disco, and Techno into an electrifying fusion that continually leaves audiences in awe. Memorable performances, such as their legendary Cercle at Abu Simbel temple in Egypt below, and their widespread collaborations with electronic music elites, have solidified their reputation as innovators in the industry.

We caught up with WhoMadeWho ahead of the debut of their new live show in London this weekend and they talked us through a selection of music that they find are essential for listening while travelling. They told us:

“We spend a lot of time in various forms of transportation, and often it’s essential to zone out and escape into some good music.”


Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune featuring Christine Hobert

“Clair de Lune is one of the most beautiful tracks from our scene – the string arrangements and vocal structure are just perfect.”


Delilah Holiday – Everything I Ever Wanted

“We are happy we discovered Delilah Holiday and her song Everything I Ever Wanted’ – such a simple and well-crafted song.”


Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamonds, Pts. 1-5

“Høffding put this song on in a sunrise helicopter ride in North Brazil, it might have been the most perfect travel we ever did. Imagine adding clouds, sea, and jungle wrapped in pink and orange while this whole song is in your ears!”


Jon Hopkins with Ram Dass, East Forest – Sit Around The Fire

“This album by Jon Hopkins has helped Barfod through many times with no sleep and surrounded by high-season tourists at airport gates and charter planes. It’s an almost perfect ambient masterpiece.”


David Bowie – Moss Garden

“This is a very delicate side of Bowie – he is a big inspiration to us an artist and icon. When we are in doubt about career choices etc – we often ask ourselves, ‘would Bowie do it?'”


David August – Epikur

“Yet another essential track from our scene – this track has such a special harmonic universe and is perfectly structured. It’s the type of track that both works in the headphones on the bike and in peacetime in a club.”


Oliver Sim – GMT (Jamie xx Remix)

“This song is the type of song you put on while walking between two terminals – such a diverse production with a lot of details but still simple.”


Vangelis – Blade Runner –

“Vagelis is the master of synthesizers and soundscapes. Recently heard this while cursing the Nile through Cairo.”


Tems – Me & U

“Sometimes, a cute pop song is what we need an airport transfer.”


 The United States Of America – Cloud Song

“For the drive home after a show.”