WITH dance floors shut down, feet are getting itchy and bottoms are starting to worry about their ability to shake.

Have no fear, Butch, the Germany-based superstar DJ, has come to tide us over. Not with a DJ-set though. While others have been streaming sets, Butch stepped back from the decks.

True to his image as one of the most productive producers in the scene, Butch has used his time to make enough material for albums galore. Spoiled by his hits on all the big labels such as Cocoon, Rekids, Watergate, Crosstown Rebels, Drumcode and his recent remix of Faithless Synthesizer, we bite our fingernails in rapt anticipation for upcoming releases guaranteed to bring us moments of magic.

But why not stream a set in lockdown? Simple; For Butch, playing a set is an interactive process, where the audience and he participate.

Still, when The Sun came knocking, he answered the call nonetheless and hand-picked ten bangers, released in a span of 50 years, all of them designed to take you places you ain’t never been before, baby.

Strap on, it’s time for Butch to take you for a ride into his sound-o-verse.

Check out the following songs, listen to them here and read what he has to say about each track below.

Kool & the Gang – Summer Madness

“It’s cold, rainy and dreary here in Germany right now. This song helps us all start off in the right state of mind. Kool & The Gang’s ‘Summer Madness’ is one of those tunes that immediately transports you to the relaxed place, where you breathe freely and easily. Lean back, dream and enjoy!”


Khruangbin – Como Me Quires

“A great band which I’m sure you have heard of by now. I need to get you into this open, laid back state of mind. This beautiful instrumental tune is the perfect next step. This isn’t a tracklist I’m showing you. This is musical therapy aimed to alter your state. You need to stop scrolling, go back to Kool & The Gang and actually listen. Then come back here and listen to this next. Trust me, I’m a professional, I know what I’m doing.”


Girls of the Internet – Time

“We’re going deeper now. Released in 2020, at a certain point it was getting a tad painful to listen to club music – I simply miss the club experience too much at times. So, even though I’ve always listened to all types of music, in 2020 I think I listened to a lot of new stuff as well. This song stood out and is the perfect next step on your musical journey here.”


New World – Fade Out

“With the first three songs we put your soul at ease. Your mind is still now. Now it’s time to move your body. New World’s ‘Fade Out’ is a beautiful blend of old school meeting new school, a true tune. I’ve never been able to play it live yet, but when I do, it’ll be a good day!”


Fontän – Greven

“Such a good song. Trippy, psychedelic, trip-hoppy kind of vibe, but a playful guitar and also kind of unexpected what happens here. Definitely alternates well between relaxed and intense vibes, a balance that is hard to get right.”


Logic1000 – I Won’t Forget

“True dance floor tune, but also great for listening! Goes deep, slightly melancholy, but a true beauty. Exactly right there for those moments, when the dancing is never allowed to stop.”


Donnie & Joe Emerson – Baby

“Little break again. This has to be on every “love making songs-playlist”, don’t you agree? Simple song, everything’s right here.”


Shuggie Otis – Strawberry Letter 23

“Another old school classic song. Definitely also worth checking out The Brothers Johnson’s version of this track, with the funky bass line, made famous in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown.”


Andrea – Hera

“OK, OK, you want to go electronic again. I’ve got you. Andrea and Stenny blew all of us away with this one, when we first heard it. Banger for sure!”


James Holden & The Animal Spirits – Each Moment Like The First

“Finishing off with one of my favourite musicians and the British legend himself, James Holden ‘Each Moment Like The First’ is one of those songs you can listen to over and over and never get tired of.”


“Thanks for coming on this journey with me and make sure to follow my Instagram, where I make fun of Paris Hilton and like to show myself topless and in sports cars.”

Butch’s remix of Faithless ‘Synthesizer’ is out now on BMG. Head HERE to stream or buy.