GERMAN producer, DJ and Einmusika label boss Einmusik is celebrating a landmark 15 years of his label this year with a special 15 Years Of Einmusika compilation album. 

It’s also been an amazing year for DJ shows as well as a slew of impeccable releases, touring the world with stand-out, spellbinding sets at Berlin’s Ritter Butzke, Barcelona’s La Terrrazza, Egg in London, Mia Beach Club in Tulum, Istanbul’s Klein Phonix, and Public Works in San Francisco.


The 15 years of Einmusika album features a blend of established and emerging artists who have been a part of the Einmusika journey, as well as some new faces. You will be able to enjoy music from Einmusik himself, SKIY, Zac Blancah, Nihil Young, Raphael Mader and numerous other remarkable talents.

We caught up with him ahead of the December 15 album release and he talked us through a selection of his current favourites, including his own recent release, The One’s with Jordan Arts. Listen to the music below and read what Einmusik had to say about it.

Einmusik’s Current Favourites and Classics Playlist

Einmusik, Jordan Arts – The One’s

“This song is doing some magic. Whilst listening, it brings me back to peaceful mountains and it is guaranteed to produce goosebump moments in the club. I’m really glad how Jordan’s voice brings the whole song to another level.”



“Pretty much everything this artist releases is a weapon, so is IDXI which I have played through the whole year as an unreleased track. Glad to see him growing”


Kimman – Hyperloop

“When this label demo dropped on my desk, I instantly knew this song was a sure shot. Although Kimman are still a little unknown, I fully trust their potential and often start my sets with this heater. So cool for them that many top DJs play it in their sets and they made their first trademark in the scene.”


Einmusik – Nassau

“This track makes a difference in the club. It often marks a breakthrough of the audience when people become one with the music. I really loved to working on it and it has the typical Einmusik signature sounds surrounded by melodic techno vibes. On top we have this fantastic AI visualizer video by a Mexican Artist.”


Olivier Giacomotto – Curandero

“I’m a big fan of Olivier’s for ages and I’ve been playing Curandero for so long and every goes crazy and wild. When you have the audience at a certain point and just need one extra pulse to put everything on fire, this song will definitely do the job.”


Cassian x ICEHOUSE – Great Southern Land

“When Cassian releases new music, I’m always so keen to listen to it in my studio. His productions are probably the best reference for me in terms of quality, productions skills and balance. As I grew up in the 1980s, GSL was already with the original a favourite song of mine and I think this remake is a fantastic piece of music.”


Lana Del Rey – Say Yes To Heaven (Anyma Remix)

“I’m a Lana fanboy and her voice combined in a huge Anyma’s remix package is definitely a dance floor filler. It creates a very positive and openminded atmosphere. Such a gem.”


Röyksopp – The Next Day featuring Jamie Irrepressible (Mind Against Remix)

“This is definitely one of my favourite songs to close my sets. When the moment is right, this song brings peace, warmth and happiness, and takes off pressure. I have such good memories with it.”


Moderat – Bad Kingdom (DJ Koze Remix)

“I kinda re-discovered this classic. What a masterpiece. When I heard this song and the catchy saw bassline the first time in a club, I was super excited. What a slap in the face. And up until and beyond today, it’s very powerful and brings me to a certain vibe and mood.”


DJ Rolando – Knights Of The Jaguar

“I would say this is one of my all-time favourites. What a marvellous song, so beautiful, energetic, pushing, musical, and complex at the same time. Still inspiring for me.”

Einmusik’s 15 Years Of Einmusika compilation is out now