CARL COX is an enduring legend and remains at the forefront of electronic dance music.

Carl continues to push boundaries today, pioneering the evolution of the music around the globe with his hybrid live sets and his label Awesome Soundwave, a stable for the best live electronic music artists on the planet.

Carl Cox's avatar - Intermundium - Sensorium GalaxyCarl Cox’s avatar – Intermundium – Sensorium Galaxy

Tonight Carl enters the digital realm with Intermundium, his debut virtual show in the Sensorium Galaxy, featuring tracks written and produced by the man himself.

Sensorium Galaxy is an evolving metaverse consisting of a configuration of diverse virtual worlds.

PRISM is Sensorium Galaxy’s hub dedicated to electronic music, where avatars of both real-life and virtual DJs provide continuous musical engagements.

Carl Cox - Intermundium - Sensorium GalaxyCarl Cox – Intermundium – Sensorium Galaxy

The show is built around the key characteristics of the PRISM world, revealing its phenomenon as an anomaly location. Here, in the epicentre of energetic flows, a unique conductivity of sound frequencies can transform space.

This is utilised by the digital version of Carl Cox for a performance with visual sensations that aren’t achievable in the real world. In the valley of PRISM’s extraordinary surroundings, he controls the environment with his tech-house beats, driving every element of this world into motion with the power of sound—from erupting volcanic streams to gigantic, futuristic structures of an extraterrestrial concert module, engaging virtual inhabitants and show guests in an endless dance.

Carl Cox - Intermundium - Sensorium GalaxyCarl Cox – Intermundium – Sensorium Galaxy

Carl explains why he got involved: “I’ve always been about pushing boundaries, sharing the love of music, and enhancing electronic music culture. I truly understood what was possible when I first saw my avatar and literally did a double-take! I thought, ‘This is now a reality – or should I say virtual reality?’ It has been really interesting to see things develop to the point where I can share my experiences with like-minded individuals anywhere on Earth – or beyond!”

Carl Cox - Intermundium - Sensorium GalaxyCarl Cox – Intermundium – Sensorium Galaxy

Sensorium has harnessed high-end technologies like XR, AI, Motion Capture, and the Unreal Engine, along with their proprietary innovations, to craft today’s most technologically advanced and visually stunning show. This integration also enabled the creation of a hyper-realistic digital replica of Carl Cox.

Carl Cox concludes: “I’ve always tried to make sure that partners, be they real-world promoters, labels, venues or as is the case now, technology pioneers, understand that to me, it is about bringing spaces and dancefloors to life by adding to the experience, sometimes guiding it but never dictating how people should enjoy themselves and removing as many barriers as possible to bring everyone together. Sensorium understood this and agreed to make my performance freely available with no paid tickets, to anyone who wants to participate”.

Carl Cox - Intermundium - Sensorium GalaxyCarl Cox – Intermundium – Sensorium Galaxy

Access to Intermundium’s world premiere is free and will be available across multiple platforms: Sensorium Galaxy Website (2D Stream), YouTube (2D Stream), App Store and Google Play apps (2D Stream), and Steam (Full-fledged VR).

In an exciting collaboration with PICO, the immersive VR-360 version of Intermundium will be available solely on the PICO Store for an entire month, offering a unique and unparalleled viewing experience. Additionally, the show will be broadcasted on Sensorium’s TikTok Live (2D Stream) as the premiere begins.

More platforms, including ones allowing access to the full-fledged VR environment, will be announced on Sensorium Galaxy’s website, before the premiere on Friday, October 27 at 7 p.m. GMT.

Carl Cox - Intermundium - Sensorium GalaxyCarl Cox – Intermundium – Sensorium Galaxy

We caught up with Carl ahead of his ground breaking virtual performance and he kindly compiled and talked us through an exclusive playlist of music produced by a selection of his favourite live electronic music producers for our listening pleasure. Listen and read what he had to say about the music he selected below.

Cox and Coe – Nocturnal (Rebūke edit) 

“Christopher Coe and I made these live jams together and released them last year andnthe. Rebūke came along and did these amazing edits! I’ve been playing this one on every single show it’s soo good!”

Carl Cox – See the Sun Rising (Franky Wah remix) 

“This one never fails, it’s got it all and I love playing this at just the right moment to bring the party to another level.”

Carl CoxWorld Gone Mad

“One of my favourites from my album Electronic Generations. I love the rawness of this track and the energy brought on by the crowd sounds at the start.”

Marc Romboy – Hanenda (Will Clarke remix)

“The original from Marc’s LP Music Made for Aliens is amazing and then Will Clarke’s remix is out of this world! Almost as if the aliens replied.”

Capricorn – 20hz (Carl Cox remix) 

“This track is too huge ! I play it every time. It was an honour to be able to remix such a classic tune!”

Rory MarshallWig Owt

“Another favourite of the last 6 months for me! When I first heard Rory’s tunes I was really excited and this track is his best yet! I was so happy that he let me release it on my 23rd Century label!”

StimmingPeople Do

“A true talent of live electronica and deep house. Stimming has released an album with us here at ASW and it’s a truly innovative and inspiring piece of work!”

Bushwacka, Carl Cox and Chuck Roberts – Music is Life (Deep Mix)

“This is a nice collab track with my old mate Bushwacka. I felt going deep with this one was the only way and I love it.”

Hannes Bieger – Poem for the Planet (Christopher Coe remix) 

“This groove just keeps on giving!! It’s irrepressible and I love it! Another great on from ASW.”



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Robert Babicz Light of the Universe

“A totally unexpected jungle break based track from Babicz and the title track from his amazing album that we released earlier this year! Always quality from Robert!”