THE original ‘Bless This Acid House’ album was released in May 2023 and was overflowing with extraordinary collaborations with original house music icons such as Marshall Jefferson, Robert Owens, Irvine Welsh and the late Sleezy D. Made with a variety of music-making analogue hardware machines, it was designed to transport you back to a time when house music was fresh, raw and underground.

A year on, this new release ‘Bless This Acid House Remixed’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Thirteen on-point, contemporary remixes of the original album tracks reworked by some of the most respected names in electronic music including Bushwacka, ITHURTZ, Jonny Aux, Black Octopus, Jon Carter, Serge Santiago, Redraft Memories & Chip-E, Une, Horatio, ASOY, Sound Klash and Transparent Sound.

Steve Mac is the artist behind the album. A UK house music heavy-hitter, he has been a pillar of the international house community virtually from the beginning. The DJ/producer is also the label boss of Jack Said What Records in partnership with infamous Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh. With over 25 years’ experience, Steve is respected and revered for his analogue production style. Mac has also released tracks for labels such as Nervous, MoS, Cr2, Toolroom, Saved, Underwater and Ovum, and produced a number of artist albums for other people as well. You can read an interview we did with Steve last year around the release of the album HERE.

We were very proud to be welcome Steve Mac as our next special guest for The Night Bazaar Music Show Live streaming series on Mixcloud on Friday 29th March. Steve performed a very special Jack Said What label showcase including music from the new Bless This Acid House Remixed album and much more. You can listen or watch again below and read a new interview we did with Steve ahead of the live stream

Santiago for Bless This Acid House Remixed, who brought the most unexpected twist to their remix? 

Redraft Memories with his remix of the 313. So much energy, a proper full on big room techno banger.

Can you share the process of how you decided which track each artist would remix on the album?

Well it just kind of happened. All my friends were asking me to remix the tracks. I had no idea the whole album was going to be remixed, just track by track, it happened so quickly I was like ok, let’s put it out as an album.

Steve Mac was the focus of The Night Bazaar in Something For The Weekend on Friday 29th March

With the diverse styles of your collaborators, how did you ensure the remixes stayed true to the essence of the original tracks while bringing something new to the table? Did you have a brief or were they allowed free reign?

I never ever give a brief. I am a strong believer in doing what you want to do, what is in your heart and soul, it’s impossible to guide this. That’s when they end up crap.

With all those artists weaving in and out of the Bunker during the remix album and creation, who would you crown as the neatest and who’s the one always running on DJ time?

Well all the remixes were done remotely, I did mix some of them down and it was mastered by myself. All involved just delivered them to me. Of course some of these guys are on heavy touring schedules so there was no pressure to get it finished. Again just all happened so naturally.


In the remixing process, was there a eureka moment that made you laugh or surprised you?

Yes I think it was delivering the parts to ASOY of Hot Monday Girl. He was like, this vocal is mental. I mean when we originally recorded this, It was just Irvine taking their absolute piss. I can safely say I have had some of the best times in the studio with that man. He comes out with some real funny shit and this was one of them moments.

You’ve previously worked with Fake News before and have produced content for The Night Bazaar Sessions. This new format, the Night Bazaar Music Show Live, is a first appearance for you, how do you feel about live streams in general as a platform for getting new music heard?

I think that livestreams are a great opportunity to build your fanbase and reach a global audience which is especially important for our label Jack Said What accessing a new generation of dance music lovers in the process.