AS Saytek and Mark Gwinnett’s Cubism label marks its 15th year anniversary this year, the label has prepared 3 EPs each containing 5 brand new tracks each as we continue to look to the future. The first volume was warmly received and supported across the board earlier in the summer and now the second volume is here.

These 3 EPs will sit alongside the FI5X3EN album which features 20 of the best tracks from the last 5 years of the label. This forthcoming album marks our third 5 year milestone, a collection which follows our previous acclaimed 5IVE and T3N albums and is due for release at the end of 2023.

Cubism 5X3 – Volume 2 is released at the end of November. This second instalment features a broad range of exclusive electronic music by Cubism co-founder Tony Thomas, Cubism and The Night Bazaar’s Mark Gwinnett under his Lunacy Sound Division alias alongside friends of the label Brothers Ruin, Focus Puller and Sam Ball.

A diverse second instalment of the 5X3 series, volume 2 encapsulates what Cubism is all about. Electronic dance music aimed firmly at the dance floor, all doing the business in their own unique andunexpected way.

We hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing what you think. Volume 3 is almost ready to roll out and we are working hard to get the tracks finished on that one before the year is out!

Cubism x