BRAZILIAN-BORN, Bristol-based artist S.P.Y has been enjoying a month long Friday night residency at popular late-night London hotspot XOYO this month with the last party set to take place this Friday 24th November.

S.P.Y has joined the likes of Andy C, Interplanetary Criminal, Break, Mike Skinner, Alix Perez, Goldie and many more in holding a month long residency at XOYO, a club which has become legendary in recent years for incendiary bass music parties.


We caught up with S.P.Y this week and he compiled and talked us through a formidable playlist of the kind of DnB you can expect to hear dropped in his sets. Listen to the music and read what he had to say about each track below.

Voltage – Love Is Calling

“I really rate Voltage as a producer, most of what he produces I love to play in my sets. Love Is Calling has such a great cinematic intro and the build up of silence before the drop touches on some classic old school flavour, but is still so unique. It always smashes on the dance floor.”


Deep Notion – All I Need

“Deep Notion is an up and coming artist from New Zealand who produces tracks with a mix of heavy drum and bass and electronica. A really skilled producer, Deep Notion’s tracks always sound so good when played loud on a club sound system. All I Need has a heavy, crunchy bass with a totally unexpected drop, bringing an uplifting vibe to the underground sound.”


Calyx feat. Logan – Cobra

“Cobra has a creeping, mysterious intro, building to the deep, dark vocal from Logan and a heavy, rolling drop. I’ve been playing Calyx’s music for many years and I’ve always admired him as a producer. Whenever I drop a Calyx track it always stands out in my sets.”



“IAMDOOMED is an up and coming producer from Vienna, who’s also a really skilled DJ. Raver has such a good vibe, it’s a fresh drum and bass track that has all the flavours of the old school rave scene. From the first play I knew it was going to be a big track and signed it to my label. This track always gets the crowd moving.”


Bladerunner x Sweetie Irie – Danger

“Danger incorporates the signature Bladerunner jungle sound which works so well with the vocals delivered by Sweetie Irie. I’ve always really admired Bladerunner’s production and how he can make every track sound so bass heavy. It works so well in my sets when I want to switch up the vibe.”


The Sauce – Big Up Inna Dance

“The Sauce are all great producers individually, but together their production is sick. Big Up Inna Dance has such a good vibe and carries that true Bristol flavour. The atmospheric, dub sound rolls so smoothly, I could listen to this track forever. It really goes off when I play it on a good sound system!”


Enta – Chemistry

“Enta is an up and coming producer who’s really talented, he’s been producing some amazing tracks recently and Chemistry is one of my favourites. I love the intro to the track, it reminds me of the early Metalheadz sound and combined with the smooth vocal this track just rolls so nicely. The heavy drop always gets an instant reaction from the crowd.”


Flava D feat. S.P.Y – Losing You

“Flava D has her roots in the garage scene, but is now producing drum and bass and is smashing it. Losing You is our first collaboration and we had a lot of fun writing this track. We’ve created a proper dance floor roller, overlayed with a house / garage vocal. Losing You is one of those tracks that just has to be played loud!”


DJ Hybrid – Warehouse

“Warehouse is an homage to the old school warehouse parties that were such a key part of the UK dance music scene. A dance floor stepper, it has an unexpected drop that always catches the crowd by surprise. I’m really glad that I got to sign this track to my label, it always goes off when I play it in my sets.”


Vibe Chemistry – Balling (S.P.Y Remix)

“The original Vibe Chemistry track was already quite a popular track when I took on the challenge of doing a remix. I decided to take the track in a different direction and flipped it to have a more heavy, uplifting feel. I wanted the remix to have more of a dance floor vibe with a heavy, growling baseline. I’ve been dropping this one in every one of my sets!”