THIS new track from Lunacy Sound Division, George’s Marvellous Medicine started life as a remix of an unreleased Boston George track called Ultron.

Cubism, The Night Bazaar boss and Lunacy Sound Division producer Mark Gwinnett originally signed Ultron from his pal Mathew Hardy aka Boston George one night after DJing together and hearing Mathew drop it in the mix… Mark almost convinced him to release it on Cubism. Mathew wasn’t sure about putting it out as the track was part of an extensive back catalogue the prolific producer has made over the last few years as he honed his skills and wasn’t really intended for release as Boston George’s music is really heading in a different direction. As such Mathew and Mark decided not to release Ultron but Mark had already done a Lunacy Sound Division version by the time they came to this decision.

Mathew kindly gave Mark permission to release the Lunacy Sound Division remix as an original LSD track on the label as Mark’s remix was so radically different to original, it was pretty much an original track which is the track we have released. George’s Marvellous Medicine was born.

Big thanks Boston George for continuing to inspire with his music and we hope you enjoy this new offering from Cubism’s very own Lunacy Sound Division. George’s Marvellous Medicine has received support from the likes of Sam Divine, Paco Osuna, Steve Mac, Marco Carola, Joris Voorn, Dino Lenny, Alex Neri, Paul Loraine and more with radio play around the world.

This release on Cubism, the 120th on the label (not including all of the albums the label has put out) also marks a new change in direction for the labels EP and single release artwork. The new artwork by Mark Gwinnett will explore the print and digital media world Mark inhabits alongside his Lunacy Sound Division and Cubism adventures combined with hand drawn doodles from Mark’s sketch pad. See the full colour artwork below.

If you would like to buy George’s Marvellous Medicine by Lunacy Sound Division and download CLICK HERE. Thanks for your support!