His legacy includes one of the most iconic trance tracks of all time, For An Angel, among a myriad of other timeless classics.

Today Paul is as relevant as ever. In 2024 he will release his eleventh studio album, celebrate 25 years of his label, VANDIT Records, and return to Ibiza with a three-month residency, SHINE, at Eden.

Paul touched down in the UK in Birmingham to play a three-hour set for Trancecoda at Digbeth’s hottest new venue XOYO on Saturday 6th April and we had the chance to catch up with him and find out more about how this year is taking shape ahead of that big show in Birmingham, plus you can listen to a two hour exclusive mix from Paul he has give us to listen to on The Night Bazaar Sessions.




With your upcoming extended 3-hour set for Trancecoda at Birmingham and XOYO, how do you plan to structure such an immersive experience?

I usually have a pretty clear idea about what I would like to play, and the way it starts is something that obviously take care of a lot. But then the whole development and where the set goes is down to the interaction with the audience, so it’s an experience for all of us, together.

Can you share some insights into your eleventh studio album and how it reflects your journey in the electronic music scene?

My next album reflects my idea of how I think electronic music will sound in the next few years. I’m always having ideas, I put them down and I create music that I would like to hear and I hope when it’s reaching audiences that others enjoy it too, but I would never make anything that I don’t like.

VANDIT Records is celebrating its 25th anniversary. How do you feel the label has influenced the trance and electronic music genres over the years?

The philosophy behind VANDIT Records is that we just release music we really enjoy listening to ourselves, and therefore there’s a very clear indicator of the quality of the music that we are releasing. I think its influence is down to somebody else making an evaluation of the importance of the label, but I do believe we’ve released some influential records over the last years.



Returning to Ibiza for the SHINE IBIZA residency at Eden, what can fans expect from this summer’s performances?

SHINE Ibiza is a very special concert because it puts you – the audience – into the middle of everything. You are the most important element of this event and of course, the music. This is what it’s all about and we all together create an amazing music experience during your holidays.

How has your recent tour in Australia and Asia influenced your approach to the upcoming UK set and album?

I don’t think that my shows in Australia or Asia have any influence on the shows that I’m going to play in the UK, because I’m influenced by what I see, then and there; I look at the audience in front of me and that’s what influences the way the set goes.

With such a significant presence in the music industry, how do you keep your sound fresh and engaging for new and longtime fans alike?

I don’t know, I think it’s probably because I’m not trying to be anyway significant or important. I’m just making my music and I’m making that to the fullest and I think that’s authentic, and that’s why people can actually relate to it.

The UK trance scene has its unique vibe. How do you tailor your sets to resonate with the UK audience, especially for a venue like XOYO?

Everything in the UK is always a notch up. It’s very banging and very exciting, so I’m really looking forward to doing exactly that!




Can you give us a sneak peek into the themes or collaborations we might expect from your new studio album?

The people I collaborate with are the people that I feel inspired by and that I feel can add something to the music that I make – that’s what you gonna find on the album.

With the evolving landscape of electronic music, how do you see VANDIT Records shaping the future of the genre?

VANDIT Records never actually looked at the shaping of the musical landscape. As I mentioned before, we just release the music that we enjoy, and since we are big fans of electronic music in all its facets, I believe that’s where the label’s gonna continue to go.

Your SHINE IBIZA residency is a highlight for many fans. How do you plan to elevate this year’s experience compared to previous seasons?

Every year of SHINE is different, there’s always something new to it and we always add new talents as well. But one thing for sure that stays the same is you, the audience, you are the main attraction of it all, and of course it’s all bound together by the music.