KNEADED PAINS label bosses Dense & Pika are one of the most exciting D and production duos in British electronic music.

Heading into the spring with a prolific release schedule on both Kneaded Pains and with their own productions, the latest music to hit our ears from Alex Jones and Chris Spero aka Dense & Pika is their new remix of Uruguayan DJ/Producer Diego Infanzon’s Thank You For My Children, taken from his Ohh My Music release which is out next week on Berlin techno queen, Anja Schneider’s Sous Music imprint.


We caught up with Dense & Pika this week to mark the release of the new remix next week and they’ve put together a playlist for us which is aimed firmly at the dance floor. Listen and read what they had to say about the music they chose below.

Dense Pika – Bugz (Armada Music)

Really happy with the way this one turned out.  Big phat crunchy drums with Rawfox and awesome vocals on top. We’ve been playing it out  alot and it completely destroys the dance floor.


Dense & Pika Vs Adam Beyer – Future

Massive rave banger we did with Mr Beyer a few years back. Still sounds relevant today just needs to be pitched up a bit. Was great fun working with him and utilizing all his experience.


Dense & Pika – Buttplug (Dense & Pika white 002)

This was one of our earliest records on our white series in about 2012.  Its completely different to everything else we have done and has a great crunchy off kilter drum patter.


Mattias Fridell & Alexander Johansson – Geometriska Strukturer (Blueprint Records)

As always James Ruskin’s mighty Blueprint label delivers another absolutely incredible EP.  Been playing all the tracks on here lately. Huge fans of both these producers.  Amazingly groovy purist techno. Essential record!


Dense & Pika – In My Heart (Uncaged)

This was written last summer very quickly mainly on my laptop.  We tested various versions of it and it seemed to really strike a chord. It’s the kind of record that can be played at any time of the night, in house or techno sets.  It got some great support from DJs like Richie Hawtin, Marco Faraone, Nicole Moudaber, Ida Engberg and Chris Liebing.


Dense & Pika – Colt (Hotflush) 

This was a big hit for us in 2013 and its still very much doing the rounds.  We are just about to release a bunch of new remixes.


Tom Healey – Shanti (SYXT)

This is the kind of techno that I find really exciting at the moment.  Soulful, powerful and not to hard.  His production is great and his tracks always leave a great impression on the dance floor.


Rove Ranger – Feed The Children (N&N)

Been playing this loads lately. Has an amazing pace to it without ever sounding to banging. Purist techno at its best. Great percussion over thick bass and some mega sexy swing.


Andy Stott – New Romantic

Moving into slightly more electronic territory. Andy Stott hails from Manchester and is the master of highly textured slo-mo techno / electronica. This track is so unusual and hard to categorise as with most of Andy Stotts music. It has smears of 80’s nostalgia in the melody a great vocal, beautifully distorted 808 drums. It’s just perfect for any mood or time of day. All his albums are brilliant, but this is for me head and shoulders above everything else I own in that genre. Simply brilliant music – perfectly executed.

Dense & Pika Vs Will Clark – Touch (Kneaded Pains)

A recent collaboration we have done with Will Clarke. After lots of back and forth we finally managed to get our diaries to align and got in the studio together.  Things then came together very quickly.  Big room pounding tech house with a killer vocal. Been hearing this all over the place in the last few months.