ECLECTIC Israeli selectors and producers Red Axes, aka Dori Sadovnik and Niv Ari, have written over 2,000 tracks and just completed an All Nighter tour which gave audiences the opportunity to hear the full spectrum of the exciting duo’s artistry and versatility.

Aside from their own Garzen label, the duo have released one stemmed labels I’m A Cliche and !K7 offering up sonics ranging from disco, house, garage rock, post punk, psychedelic rock and techno.

We caught up with them this week and they’ve put together a playlist of ten tracks of theirs that perfectly illustrate the varied influences that have helped shape their sound

Listen to the music and read what they had to say about it below.

Silver Bed (I’m A Cliché, 2013)

That song connected with our early days, this record was released on Cosmo Vitelli label “I’m A Cliche” and it’s a mix between psychedelic rock and dance music. It was one of the first tracks that made us believe in our ability to create a personal signature sound and this track reflects it. Also the video showed moments of our first tour in Paris – a lot has changed since then…


Papa Sooma feat Abrao – (I’m A Cliché, 2014)

Released on our first album also for “I’m A Cliche” the emotional ballad with Abrao’s voice opened different doors for us. It’s not a dance track but it’s our most heard one… Our albums are more wild and open to different genres of music, often taking a step out from the dancefloor to explore different places.


Sun My Sweet Sun (Permanent Vacation, 2016)

This track with the bells and melody hook made a big change to our career. It opened our music to a new crowd and was played in many different clubby environments and by DJs. Let’s say it was a big lifter to our project.


Ho Chi Minh (Bèo Dạt Mây Trôi) Feat HCMC Students (!K7 Records, 2019)

Representing our “Trips” project to the max, we did this track in Vietnam with the HCMC students. It’s a cultural mix between disco and Vietnamese folk culture. This song along with all the “trips” catalogue opened our project widely and got attention in new places around the world.


Caminho De Dreyfus feat Abrao (Correspondant, 2013)

The first track we did with Abrao on vocals, it’s a minimalist electronic disco punk song. It reminds us of a lot of things and moments, this track is one of our important works as it has strong influences but it’s also got a big personal touch. It represents a dark and goth idea that can be celebrated on any dance floor if played at the right moment.


Sipoor (Phantasy Sound, 2019)

The first track in our EP series for Phantasy, this song came out after our first year of mega-intense pick time and headliner gigs. We were always trying to find a way to tell our story and that’s also the name of this song. The Hebrew vocal saying I’m house, I’m trance, I’m techno can tell a different thing to each one who thinks about it… Musically it’s a minimalistic groovy acid track with a punky flavour.


What Is In Your Head (Garzen Records, 2017)

As mentioned, we like to do songs, sing, and play the game our way. This song was written on our first tour in America. It was released on Garzen Records as part of our second album “Beach Goths”.


They Game (Dark Entries , 2020)

The opening track of our third and last released studio album, it’s an acid-rave dancefloor track with a vocal hook sample that never stops. This album was released on “Dark Entries” Records in 2020 during the start of the covid pandemic and everything felt like a big smoke screen yet it was something else that we will never forget. This song also has a big part in our live show.


Too Late To Samba (I’m A Cliché, 2014)

The b side single of our first album did not release on the album itself but was a very strong dancefloor weapon for us since it was made. The story of the song is an example of how random and fast life can be. We had a gig on the beach in Tel Aviv and we like to try new tracks and had this idea of the ship horn. It was made in 10 minutes and that’s it.


Waiting For A Surprise feat Abrao (Multi Culti, 2015)

Another Red Axes signature tune, it’s not so easy to speak about our music but this arp and movement with the cutting vocals of Abrao represent a lot of our identity in the club world. I can relate and agree with people that think about this track when they hear the name Red Axes.