MALANDRA JR. is on a roll with releases on some of dance music’s coolest labels, such as Solomun’s Diynamic, Sven Väth’s Cocoon, Stil vor Talent and Renaissance Records.

The Italian melodic techno wizard’s latest offering is out now on the celebrated German imprint representing the sound of one of Berlin’s favourite clubs, Watergate, with his new EP Memories From The Future.


As we head into the final month of another stellar year for dance floors across the globe, we sat down with Malandra Jr. to find out what his top ten tracks of 2023 have been, including his own tracks, Infinity and NiCe7’s remix of Take Off Your Shoes.

Listen to the music and read what Malandra Jr. had to say about the tracks below.

Chicken Lips – He Not In (4 To The Floor)

“One of the tracks I’ve been playing from the beginning of my career. It will always have a special place in my heart and in my sets. When the synth enters in the track it gives me goosebumps again and again.”


Dos Locos – El Santo (Maccabi House) 

“The bassline of this track is really catchy for me. I played this on my first South American tour in many cities and noticed always a crazy reaction from the hot dance floor.”


Samot Bidot – Canto De Ceremonia (Endangered Records)

“This is an initiation ceremony for every party. I love how this track sets up a mystical energy on the dancefloor. I think I will play this a lot on my next tours for sure.”


Speaking In Tongues – Ultralights (Eternal Order)

“Before my Paris debut I received the promo. Since then this track is always in my bag. The way it starts and finishes is something unique and classy, a real amazing one!”


Marc DePulse, Rafael Cerato – “Make a Show” ft. Hadar (Malandra Jr. Remix) (JEAHMON! Records)

“When Marc DePulse sent me the first version of this track I was not sure about remixing it, but then when he sent me also the bassline and the vocal I got really enlightened. I went direct to the studio and made it for what it is now, a really special milestone of my career.”


Vlad Jet – Carnival (Original Mix) (Eleatics Records)

“This is a perfect example to understand how a tracks good arrangement can create a special magic moment with no speed or brutal kickdrum but only with a great rhythm.”


Malandra Jr – Infinity (Diynamic)

“This is my debut track on the mighty Solomun’s Diynamic imprint. This is where all of my relationship with him started. After this a few important milestones were set on Diynamic. This is the initial point of me understanding more about my sound. It made me aware of the fact I could create music with light and with darkness melting together which became my signature.”


Malandra Jr – Take Off Your Shoes ( NiCe7 Remix ) (D-FLOOR Music)

“A classic house track I released a long time ago on a small Italian label from my pals NiCe7, a duo coming from my region who loved my style when I was totally unknown. This is a perfect track to refill the energy of the dancefloor.”


Pino Daniele – Yes I Know My Way (Polydor)

“Pino Daniele is a legend for all of us. A myth of Italian music who became even more adored from clubbers when Louie Vega played this a lot into his house mixes.”


Blackstone – Samba Oscura (R&S Records)