SWISS born and Berlin based, Eveline Fink is a passionate enthusiast of electronic dance music and is fast establishing herself as a respected DJ through her residency at Berlin’s Club der Visionaire.

In 2011 Eveline’s first EP, “Hula Hoop” came out on her own label Enough! Music and more releases and remixes followed on Enough! Music, RA + RE Records and Indepth MusicRec. Passionate in her heart. Her deep musical passion and emotive sets see her return to Berlin Berlin this Saturday October 21st playing alongside André Galluzzi, Guido Schneider and Danilo Schneider with a Sisyphos Showcase featuring Jonty Skrufff, Fidelity Kastrow and Juli.N More on the ground floor whilst the Betriebsfeier crew of Coco Berlin, Empro, Smash TV and Seb Blake fire up the Middle Floor.

Here we catch up with Eveline to hear about her love of vinyl, Berlin and how the scene is changing.

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Originally from Zurich in Switzerland can you please tell us what made you move to Berlin and what inspired you to make the move? 

In the 90s I already felt that Berlin was “my world”. The mix of unlimited possibilities, the direct and cheeky Berlin slang as well as the intense drive of electronic music in this colourful city did not let me go. In 2007 this vision became reality.

You co-run the Enough label and can you please tell us about the label, how it started and what have been the highlights for you so far? 

The cornerstone of Enough! Music was set in 2010 by Danilo Schneider. In 2011 the first vinyl release called “Hula Hoop” followed, including the timeless remix by Guido Schneider. This was on the one hand the flaming  start of my own discography as well as the moment the label actively started operating.

Highlight was, or is, each individual release as well as the great feeling to actively participate in the electronic music scene.

Known for your passion for playing music on vinyl can you tell us what started your journey into the world of vinyl? 

As a teenager I started as a DJ in a student disco and at that time only vinyl was available. It was love at first sight for me . There is still nothing more beautiful to my ears than the soft crackling of a record as well as the warm feeling in my hands when I play with vinyl.

Do you have a favourite vinyl in your collection and what makes this or these so special? 

Pole – Pferd (Melchior Productions Zodiac mix). For me a fairy girl vinyl.  It’s sweet, delicate and gentle, which musically reflects the feeling of a warm summer day in the “Club der Visionäre” in Berlin.

Resident now for 10 years in Berlin, what do you find so fascinating about the city? 

This city has many faces. It is wild, impetuous, playful, sexy, crazy, fascinating, boundless, naughty, hard, poor and provocative. In Berlin, I have found my personal inner centre. Just to be “me”. Thank you Berlin!

Can you please give us a little insight into the Berlin scene and how do you feel it’s evolving? 

This city never sleeps. It is fascinating how pulsating the electronic music here is and how its developing further. There are many different circles and play makers. As everywhere, it takes time to get where you have always dreamed of and its not until you’ve built up your relationships with organisers, club owners and other artists. I am very fortunate to be able to play regularly in one of the most unique places: “Club der Visionäre”.
At this particular place I have not only learned to play long sets of 12 hours but also to grow as a DJ beyond myself.

What makes your work as a DJ so special and can you tell us about 3 of your stand out DJ sets so far or parties?

For me this is not just about the classic mix thing. Of course you have to be at one with the technique – this is the basis for everything. The magic is to seduce people into another world. There is nothing better for me than to spread a touch of happiness on the dance floor. Absolute ecstasy is achieved when the crowd absorbs this energy and reflects it. There are hardly any words that can describe this feeling.

I could happily experience these moments many times. The DJ sets in the “Club der Visionäre”, Hoppetosse, as well as the festivals Cesarhof and Twinlake are also super memorable as very special events.

How do you feel the Berlin scene has changed over the years? 

In my opinion it’s not only the Berlin scene that has changed but the entire music scene. In this regard there are unlimited possibilities which is very revolutionary. Exchange is quick and easy. On the other hand, it’s frightening to see the willingness to invest in the music market and buying music has also changed a lot. The same applies to the parties. It should also be self-evident in today’s times that your fee is paid for by clubbers and drinks but as a DJ you can be contacted during your set time at short notice for free guestlist or free drinks. Sometimes I wish the pre-smartphone era back.

You last played at Egg in January for the Berlin Berlin party – how has 2017 been for you so far? 

2017 was a musically very active and wonderful year for me. I was able to experience many great national and international events, as well as artists and organisers. Musically one of the most beautiful years in my life.

Which artists are currently exciting you and what makes them stand out?

Many of my friends inspire and surprise me musically which are particularly exciting how you observe them over the years.

My life partner Danilo Schneider always brings joy into my heart and its great to see how his productions as well as his DJ sets have evolved. This summer, I was absolutely stunned by his sets at the Cesarhof Festival of Barac – from the aura of his personality throughout his entire DJ sets as well as the musical history combined with the harmonious, fine long passages that touched me and enchanted everyone.

What does the future hold in store musically for you and your label?

The Enough! Music era is coming in November with  the sub label “Enough! Music Limited “with the first release from Danilo Schneider. The entire Enough! Music Limited will release only vinyl. In the spring of 2018, my new Eveline Fink EP, in collaboration with a great artist who has produced many great productions since the nineties. Keep your eyes and ears open as there will be some really great releases from Enough! Music as well as Enough! Music Limited.

Currently, the relaunch of our website is in full swing to make our world in the WorldWideWeb even more exciting and more available to you. Soon you can check it out here.

Eveline Fink joins Berlin All stars Andre Galluzzi, Guido Schneider, Danilo Schneider this Saturday October 21st at Berlin Berlin at Egg London with Betriebsfeier taking over the middle floor with Coco Berlin, Empro, Smash Tv and Seb Blake. Sisyphos’ Fidelity Kastrow, Jonty Skrufff and Juli.N More fire up the Ground Floor and all joined by the BB Residents, Ireen Amnes and Kyle E. Catch Homostash X Cockheart in The Loft and the Kuntskammer cabaret with Lewis G Burton, Kassandra Powell & Guests in Cell 200 whilst the wildest cast of performers and look influencers such as Parma Ham, Alejandro Gocast, Bitch and Party, Gregory Kara, Kokaine Tyson, Luke Harris, Marnie Scarlet, PrinceJasonJason, Santi Storm and Von Kuntz provide shows throughout the night. For more information head to the EGG website.