GREGOR TRESHER is firmly established as a techno kingpin.

The Frankfurt-based artist shows no sign of slowing down in a career spanning three decades and has had his finger on the pulse in 2022, producing Sven Väth’s Catharsis album and his Break New Soil label has been on fire, pumping out amazing releases with the latest a remix from Bart Skils of Gregor’s Quiet Distortion track which was the title song of Gregor’s 2016 album.

Listen below and read what Gregor had to say about this track in his playlist


Break New Soil has a string of mouth watering releases lined up into 2023 from the likes of DJ Hell and Extrawelt alongside plenty of music from the man himself.

Gregor has another new single out now, Granular (2022 Mix), a collaboration between himself and techno titans Pig&Dan released as part of the new Drumcode A-Sides album. The single will be part of a full album with Pig & Dan forthcoming on Adam Beyer’s Truesoul.

Listen below and read what Gregor had to say about his collaboration with Pig&Dan featured on Drumcode A-Sides Vol 11 and in his playlist following


As we head into 2023 Gregor will continue as he means to go on with tours of South America and Australia in February.

We caught up with Gregor this week and asked him to talk us through a playlist of tracks that have rocked 2022 including Bart Skil’s remix of Quiet Distortion and the new collaboration with Pig&Dan among other amazing music from Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier, Harvey McKay, Marcel Dettmann and The Cure.

Gregor Tresher – Quiet Distortion (Bart Skils Remix)

The original track was the title song of my 2016 album and my good friend Bart Skils approached me earlier this year to ask if I would be up for him to remix it, as he always liked the song a lot. Of course I was excited to hear what he will do, and boy did he deliver.



Phyrgian – Tarot (Alleanza)

This is by a new artist from Colombia, and I was completely blown away by the raw sound and energy of the track. I instantly approached him to do something on my own label, so expect more great music to come by this amazing new talent!



Laurent Garnier – Liebe Grüße Aus Cucuron

I´ve been a fan of Laurent for thirty years now and he still is on top of his game. This new release is such a beast, takes the roof off anywhere I play it.


Metal Master – Spectrum (Bart Skils & Weska Remix)

This is a new remix for a legendary track that was originally co-written by none other than Sven Väth, and was one of the tracks that ignited the German Trance wave in the early nineties. The remix by Bart and Weska respectfully uses the original melodies and elevatesthe track to the modern sound that´s around everywhere right now.



Harvey McKay – Forest

I´ve been a huge fan of Harvey´s music for a long time and we became good mates over the years. Forest is an example of the Glaswegians trademark style, anthemic Techno with soul.


Gregor Tresher & Pig+Dan – Granular (2023 Update Mix)

We released this track originally on Adam Beyer´s Truesoul a while back and it now gets a rerelease in updated form, we worked on a new mix that caught Adam’s ear again so he decided to release it on his mothership Drumcode this December.



Sven Väth – We Are

I was so excited when Sven called me to ask if we should hit the studio together, and we produced his current album in a creative rush. This one is called “We Are“ and you just have to imagine him playing the track out to a packed rave  – magic!


Marcel Dettmann – Batteries Not Included

This is a track from Marcel´s new album, an absolute masterpiece. I love the reduced instrumentation and the über-hypnotic melody line, the track has that kind of perfect menacing atmosphere that always gets me.


Rene Wise – Knock Motion

I just love the groove on this track so much, it´s the perfect DJ tool with such a cool overall vibe and sound. Been playing this one out in almost every set.


The Cure – Disintegration

My favorite song from my favorite album of all times. I absolutely love The Cure, just been to two shows of their current tour, which were absolutely stunning like always.