Mark Gwinnett returns to Cubism masquerading under his Lunacy Sound Division alter ego after enjoying some great support for his last release which featured fabric’s Terry Francis and ended up also with a Saeed Younan endorsed LSD Back to the Freak Remix which is available for a limited time as a free download HERE.

For this follow up release, Illegal Aliens combines LSD’s love for science fiction with a huge and heavy dance floor beat and in the process creates a monster influenced by James Horner’s soundtrack of James Cameron’s Aliens. As the story goes there is a lost recording somewhere of the very first Lunacy Sound Division track ever conceived which was called Bug Hunt and never saw the light of day. A decade later this track was always on the cards. Cubism favourite Subk0de, hot on the heels of his last release on the label delivers a heads down remix which keeps the original driving vibe but heads into an even darker territory.