Cubism is proud to bring you the latest offering from label boss Mark Gwinnett under his Lunacy Sound Division guise.

Following the huge success of Proper Gander (his recent collaboration with Terry Francis), was never going to be easy, but Reset Button steps up to the plate with 3 absolute bangers.

The original is a sultry tech-groover that initially offers you a friendly handshake but thumbs it’s nose at you as it pushes forward with relentless momentum towards the introduction of the mother of all bass tones. An alien, industrial, dystopian soundscape of a world gone wrong, but with the optimism of a solution; get your heads down and dance.

Tony Thomas is welcomed back to the label he co-founded as The Sultans of Sick provide their interpretation; a tight, focused tech-house cut, while long-serving Cubism collaborator Focus Puller also returns with the final piece of the puzzle; a stripped-down, darker-edged version of events built around that incredible bass-tone.

Tough yet emotive, this EP explores themes of cultural confusion and social anxiety, and is as likely to make people think as much as move. Just how we like it here at Cubism.