ITALIAN DJ and producer Marco Effe moved to Berlin over a decade ago.

Since then, alongside an impressive catalogue of music supported by everyone from Richie Hawtin to Sven Väth, he became resident at the legendary Watergate club in 2014 with his exclusive Impress project, a concept that connects art and music together. Berlin and Watergate are perfect environments to explore such dynamic ideas and he continues to go from strength to strength with the parties at the iconic club overlooking the river Spree and the releases on his Impress Music label.

We caught up with Marco after spending a fabulous weekend in Berlin at Watergate back in November we and asked him to compile and talk us through a playlist from his Impress label.

Taupe – Helion

Fresh and innovative vision, this track fully reflects the musical concept of Impress through Techno and Detroit sounds. I love it!



Arqtic – Dekore

Absolutely one of my favourite tracks of the label, it’s a full journey into a deep and rich mix of contemporary electronic music for any time, that gave me special emotions from the first time I listened to it.



E-Artist – Pending Memories

E-Artist is my own sensitive vision of music expressed by a desire to spread emotions through atmospheric sounds related with classic electronic elements that creates a connection between past and future..



Francesco Carone – Að Elska

I love listening to solo piano compositions and this one by Francesco Carone is certainly one of his masterpieces that moved me the most.



Legendary Paradox – Ez

This is really a full immersion in the Breakbeat contemporary’s sound drawing inspiration from the love of classic UK Garage drums and the modern IDM’s melodies, I love playing it for special and intimate closings..



Arqtic – Kali

The so aggressive electronic bass softened by beautiful atmospheric pad creates a truly particular result. This is a song that finds space for a suggestive moment .. very interesting!



Taupe – Aether

In Taupe’s tracks you can feel the freedom of composition and the care of the elements that is not always easy to find nowadays.. I imagine the sunset with this song..



E-Artst – Rise Or Set

Still myself with my new project, but this time straight and decisive by keeping the deep and emotional mood. I really enjoy highlighting the body of the drums to make them sound real.



Arqtic – Basic Rain

A perfect mix of sci-fi, cinematic sounds and club music .. This London based project expresses a strong musical energy.


Legendary Paradox – Closer

Legendary Paradox says that this track comes from the bottom of his heart and these superbly elegant beats imbued with sparkling melodies are proof of that, fabulous.