AFTER becoming resident for Jamie Jones’ Paradise in 2013, Mark Jenkyns has not looked back.

He’s grown both as a DJ and a producer and is now one of the hottest properties in todays electronic music scene, backed with a formidable output of music across a variety of labels from Hot Creations to Suara. Currently preparing for the Paradise closing party at DC10 in Ibiza on September 27th which features a mouth watering line up including Masters At Work and Maceo Plex alongside Jamie, Mark and Richy, he also has music forthcoming on Hot Trax and Resonance Records and a packed schedule this Autumn/Winter appearing at Printworks London, Warehouse Project, Abode, Elrow and more.

We caught up with him this week to find out more about his summer and what he has in store.

To get things started, what are the top 5 things we should know about Mark Jenkyns?

  • I lean heavily towards the sweet side rather than savoury
  • I believe that time is an illusion
  • I used to have a pony called Treacle
  • And a goat named Rod
  • I used to buy vinyl religiously every week and 80 percent got robbed

You’ve had a close relationship with the Hot Creations / Paradise crew for a long time now – where did it all start?

The relationship started as friendships before there was ever even a thought of Paradise; Richy Ahmed is one of my best friends, we have been mates since we were 11. I met Jamie (Jones) in Ibiza in 2003 when he was just starting out, he would come around to ours if he knew the decks were there and just play forever till we kicked him out! It makes everything much easier when you’re working with your mates, definitely doesn’t feel like work at least.

Paradise has become a staple of festivals and dance events across the globe – what is it about the brand do you think that has made it so popular?

I think the way the brand has evolved since it first started is one of the key reasons, it has offered up some amazing music in all forms – from disco-inspired cuts to all-out club weapons. Then the team Jamie has around him all pull in the right direction and share the same ideals to want to deliver something unique. People can tell that Paradise is a labour of love for everyone involved – when you’re only in it for the success or money, it’s easy to spot.

Do you think that the team ever expected it to explode in the way that it has?

It’s quite hard to say really, maybe not so much in the beginning as it was basically a party for friends, but I think once it started gaining some momentum say from the first Miami party and DC10 show, everyone could feel that this might turn into something on a much larger scale.

It’s certainly a huge name to have on the CV – how has being linked with Hot Creations and Paradise affected your own career?

Being linked with Hot Creations is obviously a massive help and a huge stepping stone as it really does help put you on the map and throw extra attention your way. But things go hand in hand in my opinion, as it’s all about the music and without that being great, there is no label! Everyone involved in Hot Creations / Paradise is massively talented, so whilst it’s a great platform to be seen on, it doesn’t automatically translate to success – that’s where the hard graft comes in.

As a resident, you’ve played a fair few parties for them – are there any events which stand out in particular?

The stand out event for me, especially, was the time me and Richy played the terrace and main room of DC10 in the same night. You know, I don’t want to sound all cliché but playing your favourite club with your best mate and one of your favourite DJs is something quite meaningful to me, to be able to do such a thing – and there’s a rumour floating about that it is happening again soon.

There seems to have been a real shift in power back to the promoters and brands, especially in places like Ibiza; whilst this is great for DJs who are a part of the brand ‘family’, do you think it makes it harder for those who don’t quite fit the in-house style to carve a career for themselves?

Hmmmmm good question, but my belief is that there is so much talent out there that they will get picked up if the handle themselves properly and network. The bigger issue is that everyone wants to do it now, so there’s more and more people trying to make it but if you’re good enough and fresh enough, and obviously work hard enough, it will come.

Moving back to the studio, you’ve got a new EP on Hot Trax, what’s the story behind that one? How has the response been?

Yeah my Hot Trax release is due out on the 29th of September, I had been a little quiet on the release front due to my son being born and going to university, however this is my 4th release this year and the one that has got the most buzz! It seems to be doing it for a lot of people and the messages I’ve received about it have been nothing short of overwhelming. It came about just from me sending it to J, he wasn’t feeling some of the stuff I’d sent previously but he replied within 15 mins of me sending him it… Richy also played a massive part too – he called me from Elrow after he finished playing shouting down the phone “that’s a tuuuuuune” – he had second dibs on it had Jamie not taken it, so yeah let’s see.

Would you say your sound has changed much over the years? Do you ever get tempted to try something totally leftfield out when you’re in the studio?

The thing about a sound is that I don’t believe I’ve really got one to a certain extent as I have made a few different bits and nothing is ever the same as the last one. I tend to just make what comes out – whether it’s deep, house or just banging! I don’t play the same style in my sets all the time either, I like to vary; maybe that’s detrimental, not having a sound so to speak, but it is what it is.

As for trying out alternative styles – I produced a few different things for my Uni degree from indie, pop and a ballad, whilst also trying some new age hippy trip out stuff with Inxec, just stuff to basically chill to.

And finally, looking ahead – what else have you got lined up for the rest of 2017?

Quite a bit actually – I’ve got gigs at Print Works, Warehouse Project, SWG3 as well as another South American tour, things are picking up nicely again!

Mark Jenkyns – Sirens EP is out 29th September and his collaboration with Andre Salmon is out next month on Resonance Records.