ALMOST 25 years since starting out, the Freestylers are responsible for some of the most iconic sounds in dance music and now they’re on the cusp of their sixth studio album.

Launching their new project with single ‘Happiness’ last week, we caught up with them to delve deeper into their new music.

Hey guys, great to have a new Freestylers record on the way to close a tough year, how’s 2020 been for you?

It’s been very odd like for everyone else, but so far I’ve been able to do lots to take my mind off things with finishing off this album, working on Pirate Jams material which is our new pseudonym, playing golf, playing Fifa 20 and now 21, learning to fly and becoming a much better home chef, Haha

You’re kicking everything off with the new single ‘Happiness’ – tell us about the track, why are you choosing to start this new record with this particular single?

We actually made this tune last year around September so we got to try it out at the tail end of the festival season. I happened to send Ratpack a copy back in February and all of a sudden they were getting loads of messages asking what it was, then Covid happened. Between massive support from those guys as well as Krafty Kuts’ weekly DJ streams (where it’s been an anthem for his show since April), the track had gained a massive momentum and this was even before it was released. We just wanted to make a modern day rave inspired track that had an uplifting vibe and I guess it was the right timing, that’s why it’s touched so many people

How are you feeling about releasing new music whilst the music industry is facing some tough problems? We’re guessing you’re missing gigging!

People love listening to music and that’s why DJ streams have been so popular during this time, plus obviously there’s radio too. Yes it’s a tough period in the music industry but now and again something comes along that goes against the grain to buck the trend.

Oh yeah definitely missing the gigs, not only from a financial standpoint but most important that one on one interaction; that magic you get from a crowd that can’t be explained. It’s not quite the same doing a DJ stream even if you’ve rented a fancy venue with loads of amazing lasers and lights. Plus I actually miss all the flying and travelling but hopefully next year it’ll be back to how things were.

This will be your sixth studio album, would you have thought back in the 90s that you’d be here, six albums in, producing some of the best music of your career?

Haha, no way. It’s been a long and adventurous journey with it’s many ups and downs but I wouldn’t change it for anything. All the experience has made us who we are I guess, 24 years and still going strong. Personally, I feel as there’s no expectations you can be more free when making and producing the music, draw from all those experiences and craft something special.

Speaking of writing music, can you tell us about ‘Happiness’ and ‘Other Worlds’ how did you get to this space and what’s the story behind the concept?

A couple of years ago a good friend of mine DJ Lady Waks (who is also my agent for Russia) was staying at my house and we were talking about life, the universe and everything. She inspired me to want to make a new album so that’s how it came about. At the time it was a blank page but she did suggest that we go back to our roots and that’s where the process began, so I just got busy and started to listen to a lot of the music that formed our foundation and then all off a sudden we had a fairly large body of music that developed into an album

The title itself Matt came up with. He’s now a full time psychologist and I believe it’s a term that they use when delving deep into the mind but I just think of an interstellar journey through sound which is apt for such an eclectic album like ours.

Finally, nominate your top three tracks of 2020:

Out Of Sight – Krafty Kuts & Atari Playboy

Such a sweet melodic track with a great vocal and 2 step UK Garage vibes.


Balaclava – Shy FX Ft Spyda( Skeptical Remix)

Crazy jump up Jungle with an awesome quirky hook.


In Your Arms – Low Island

Love this band, discovered them from a Facebook sponsored ad. Haha. This is their brand new single and it’s amazing.

Freestylers – Other Worlds is out in March 2021. The first single from the album, Happiness is out now.