ONE of Italy’s finest techno exports, Mauro Picotto is responsible for some of electronic music’s enduring anthems, not least his reptilian trilogy back in 1998 which elevated his career to new heights.

He’s also achieved huge success in Ibiza with his Meganite party over the years recruiting some of the world’s most respected DJs including Adam Beyer, Marco Carola and Chris Liebing.


Mauro’s new album From The 80s Til Now is a glimpse into his career as a global hit maker and encapsulates the broad range of his production styles.

Also included is a seven-track Meganite DJ mix, compromising all-new and exclusive music that showcases the deep, thunderous and hypnotic underground techno that made his longstanding Ibiza residency such a success.

We caught up with Mauro this week and he’s compiled a playlist of music doing the business on his dance floors at the moment.

Red Axes – Oh My Arp

This is a masterpiece of what I call cosmic music, an example of a journey into a galaxy of music fantasies.



Mauro Picotto – Ayala

This is one of my best tunes, personally I believe it didn’t get the attention it deserves but after many years it still has the magic and emotional feeling of the day I finished it in the studio. It was also amazing to hear this song played by the master Laurent Garnier himself at Sonar!!



Lea & Blanche – Temudo

Energetic, hypnotic with great vibe – this is what a proper rollercoaster of a techno track sounds like for me.



Joseph Ashworth – Ladder

Great electronic disco. A tune that can make you feel like you’re floating into another musical dimension.



Mauro Picotto & Riccardo Ferri – Pure Tao

A solid tribal techno with the perfect feeling for a free spirit lover of the White Isle like me.



Frank Biazzi – Rolling

It sounds very fresh, but all the core ingredients come from someone who lived the techno glory from the 90s. A great boost of energy.



Radio Slave – Wild Life

A quality example of where house and disco music can meet – a classic instrument mixed perfectly with today’s advanced sound.



Adana Twins – Origo

In 2020 during Covid time this was a track I played on my last and only DJ set online. A track with a filthy bassline and a beautiful vibe.



Black Devil – Timing, Forget The Timing

For me this is a timeless track, and one of the coolest tracks I heard as a youngster. Just let it flow….



Yellow Magic Orchestra – Computer Game

This was and still is a gem. One of my favourite tracks of all time that introduced me into the magical world of electronic music.